Grab Your Favorite Snacks As Unilever And Venturedive Have Teamed Up To Disrupt The Food Industry By Introducing Munchies.

By Usman Aslam

With everything becoming digital now, instant access has become a requirement in all respective services. Gone are the days of going to a local supermarket to Grab Your Favorite Snacks As Unilever And Venturedive Have Teamed Up To Disrupt The Food Industry By Introducing Munchies. Munchies is an application that allows users to get their favorite snacks, ranging from Flaming Hot Cheetos to a can of your favorite potato chips, Sweet & Sour Pringles, from Magnum to all the desired Cornetto Flavors, with a push of a button in just 30 minutes.

The service is hyper-focused on instant delivery to ensure proper customer satisfaction. This extends to food companies and markets that are looking to expand their services by creating a proper network from both the supply and demand perspective. According to Fawad Ahmed, Director Strategy & Digital Transformation at Unilever, the idea first came about by focusing on what the consumer preferred. It was observed that nearly 72% are more inclined towards online delivery instead of the conventional visiting to a market or mall especially in regards to food service.

However, the major challenge for Unilever was that being a food-based industry ensuring a proper tech-based service was critical considering the fact that such a platform has never existed, hence a ‘fear of the unknown’. This then led to a partnership with VentureDive which worked on the Munchies, where Fawad mentioned at D2X1 that the company worked with Unilever to ensure the scalability of the product.

As of now, Munchies is available on both Android’s PlayStore and Apple’s App Store for download. The application is currently rocked with a 4.5 organic rating with nearly 250k downloads and 50k monthly average users.

Munchies services are currently available in Karachi, however, Unilever has highlighted that they expand very soon where other food companies and industries will partner with Munchies to further expand their own services. In a nutshell, no need to go to Baskin & Robbin’s to get your favorite ice cream when you can get one with a single push of a button.

On a personal note, as the COVID situation affects the Pakistani markets and industries the need for digital solutions and products has become paramount. Sooner or later, everything conventional will transform and blend into this new digital ecosystem. What are your thoughts about Munchies?

This news was originally published at Tech Juice.