Krisp is a startup based in Berkeley, California that uses AI to cancel the background noise during either calls or recordings.

Krisp is a startup based in Berkeley, California that uses artificial intelligence to mute the background voices during either calls or recordings. It makes remote working and calling more professional and productive by ensuring a smooth flow without any background disturbance in the form of voice echo (both acoustic and room), barking dogs, traffic noises, keyboard clicking, etc. In the recent Series A funding round, this organization raised $9 million, taking the total funding to around $17.5 million. The raised capital will be utilized to refine the product development (R&D wing), bringing more people onboard the organization, and increase the product’s reach and availability.

Krisp was established in the year 2017 by Artavazd Minasyan and David Baghdasaryan, and the primary technology centers around Deep Neural Networks (DNN). The algorithm designed uses a dataset of more than 10,000 distinct noises and 3000 human voices from all spectrums of age, gender, and ethnicity to have a fully functioning software. Krisp works with more than 1000 apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and is available for Microsoft as well as Mac. With the help of voice and audio technologies, this software enhances the quality of the call and mutes’ voices of the conference call bi-directionally. Moreover, it can be paired with any microphone or headset and does not need certain specifications.

The organization’s main aim is to help the remote workers communicate efficiently and listen actively even in the presence of various distractions around the user. The deep neural network technology also makes sure that there is clear speech throughout the call. Because of the bi-directional feature of Krisp, it allows for tuning out the others, and therefore even when someone is sitting in a café or any other rushy place, the others face no problem as the noises are almost none. There are two modes available on the app:

  • Private mode- all background noises are stopped
  • Conference call mode- the other voices on the call are allowed

Additionally, Krisp is now adding more and more features to its software to enhance team communications remarkably. These include transforming the voice of individuals to seem more confident and at the same time providing intelligent nudges to help the users in employing more subtle words while communicating. While muting the extraneous voices or enhancing the quality of speech, Krisp claims that it does not violate its users’ privacy. All of the audio processing is done on the local device itself, and no voice or audio leaves the device.

Remote working is becoming a norm, and conference calling platforms have been acting as bridges between colleagues. This has provided an impetus to Krisp, which saw an increase of almost 20 folds in the app’s active users. It is now looking towards expanding further and bringing more users on the platform to provide a professional experience even in homes’ comfort.


Originally Published at MarkTechPost