Giudicessi tried various medications and treatments for chronic migraines over the years she found solution through green light therapy.

Annie Giudicessi was diagnosed with chronic migraines in her twenties. The social media strategist would often find her self missing out on life’s big moments when a the head pain started.

“At my worst, I was in an urgent care clinic 15 to 20 days out of the month getting an injection to stop a migraine which often didn’t work,” said Giudicessi.

Giudicessi has tried various medications and treatments over the years but finally found a solution through green light therapy.

“I have tried every treatment imaginable from occipital nerve blocks to Botox to acupuncture and all that. Last year I discovered green light therapy and it has been a game-changer,” said Giudicessi.

Studies have shown that a narrow band of green light can decrease the intensity of headaches and migraines. The Allay lamp is a way for people suffering with the pain to use green light technology.

“Green light it actually helps send smaller brain waves and it actually helps relax your brain and in a headache or migraine what’s overreacting is your brain when you’re able to to calm it and calm the electrical activity going on in there, it actually makes you feel better in a fairly short amount of time,” said co-founder, Ajay Kori.

The green band that the Allay lamp produces is the only color of light that has this impact. Regular colored light bulbs use other rays of lights to create green. The Allay lamp is the only way to experience this form of therapy.

The way to use the lamp is to place it in a dark room with no other light then stay off any devices or screens. Giudicessi said she felt the results quickly.

“I laid there for a half hour, and in (that time) I was not nauseous, my eyes didn’t hurt and my headache was starting to get better,” said Giudicessi.

The pandemic has created more stress and screen time, so some are experiencing intense headaches for the first time.

“One thing we’re finding through the pandemic is that stress is producing a lot of headaches in people that normally don’t get headaches or don’t get migraines. Green light is something that is a really great tool to fight that,” said Kori.

For Giudicessi, the new technology has helped her experience life like never before.

“It has provided a completely different quality of life and given me the ability to take care of myself during one of the hardest years that any of us has experienced without medical intervention during that time period,” said Giudicessi.

Originally published at Local 12