The speakers at the sessions of the second day of Thar Science Festival 2021 highly lauded the efforts of the district administration.

The speakers at the different sessions of the second day of Thar Science Festival 2021 on Saturday highly lauded the efforts of the district administration,

Thar Education Alliance and their partners promote the beautiful aspects of Thar during a number of the features and activities of the festival. Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani, the PPP MNN from Tharparkar, speaking as the chief guest in the concluding award distribution ceremony said that all those organized displaced the beautiful models and those attended in thousands added the colours in the two-day festival.

The PPP MNA added that such events were greatly introducing Thar as the region of peace, prosperity and progress adding he said that Thar would change with the potential, capabilities with the energetic efforts of the youths of the desert district.

Dr Malani said that such events with the active participants of the students from various educational institutes of different towns and villages of the desert district would create a favorable and conducive environment with the due justification for them (lawmakers) to demand more required facilities from the government for the Tharparkar district so that future leaders of the region could further compete in much better style and manner both at national and international levels. He said that he was very much optimistic about the bright future of the students, who were provided with space to compete in the festival and said that with the rapidly changing landscape of Thar such festivals were the need of the hour.

He said that the PPP government in Sindh had already launched a number of mega projects to improve the standard of education in every nook and corner of the district after getting the views and feedback from the local experts and the common people.

He said that during his visits to the stalls he was amazed to see the modern and novel ideas the students had shared with him by displaying their models Dr Malani gave the credit to the organizers for arranging such fantastic features to bring about the real change in the district.

Earlier, speaking on the impacts of during a session of Covid pandemic and its impacts on the society especially on the education of the kids, Dr Alllah Nawaz Samoo, Ms Sanam Baloch, Sikandar Bijzinjo, and Mukesh Kumar said that the deadly virus had badly affected the scenario of the entire world and still was posing threats to the lives of the people with the spike in the cases. They asked the students to learn lessons from the present and past situations and carry forward their studies even in challenging conditions.

They said that the pandemic had also made it possible for the students to get quality online content from everywhere in the world by positively using the internet. The eminent activist from Thar, Dr Sono Khangharani sharing his experiences with the students and participants said that quality education was the way forward under the changing Thar and he added that only nature had the potential to make Thar green. Dr Sono asked the participants to change and adapt themselves as per the demands of the evolving situations.

Jawad Mirani, Junaid Dahar and Mah Dev Makwano speaking during another session said that education standard in Thar could only be raised with the active participation of the people and hoped that such events would force those sitting in the power corridors to think seriously to provide all the required facilities to the people of Thar. They observed that such healthy activities were a step towards the bright future of Thari kids. Mr Abid Gill, Saba Asharaf Siddiqui, Ashok Odhano, Meena Gabeena talked about the education ratio among Thari women and said that all the people, who had undertaken the development projects should try to bring the women at par with their male partners by providing them the equal space and opportunities for better and prosperous Thar in times to come.

Partab Shivani, the chief Thar Education Alliance said that their efforts and dreams for the prosperous and peaceful educated Thar were paying off and he thanked all the participants. Advocate Veerji Kolhi, Mohammad Ibrahim Kumbhar Farhad Jarral, Shushil Malani, Kapil Dev and others also spoke to the participants of the concluding ceremony. The students, who established the stalls and displaced their several hundred models were given the awards by the guests and hosts of the festival.

Originally published at Daily Times