America-Pakistan Business Development President said NUTECH provides an opportunities for the youth to pursue an attractive career.

America-Pakistan Business Development Forum President Shaikh Imtiaz Hussain has said that NUTECH provides an opportunities for the youth to pursue an attractive career.

He was addressing a dinner in honour of a visiting high-level delegation of NUTech University.

On the occasion, Brigadier Syed Adnan Qasim, Air Commodore Naveed Yusuf, Air Commodore Syed Salman Khalid, Secretary General Syed Nasser Wajahat, Junaid-ur-Rahman, Nawaid Isa, Chairman Zeeshan Altaf Lohya, Muslim Mohammadi, Jahanzaib Khan, Nadeem Maazji, Abdul Karim Adya, Noman Ahmedani , Abdul Rafay Shaikh were present among others.

Shaikh Imtiaz while discussing New Tech Vision Achievements and Industrial Future Plans with AMPak said that NUTech along with all trade organization and SMEs will soon hold a symposium in Karachi in its endeavour to make the local industry be based on modern technology.

He said that NUTech University is fully equipped with modern technology tools, which is a very timely step for the development of construction industry.

Shaikh Imtiaz said that this industry will definitely be developed through the required quality human resources and added that countries all over the world are moving towards development of their country with the help of science and technology, therefore development in the field of modern technology is also necessary in Pakistan.

He said that there is no shortage of talent in Pakistani youth. They are making their mark all over the world.

If they are given resources in their country, they will stay in Pakistan instead of going to another country and play their role in the development of the country.

NUTech is a state-of-the-art research university for industries which will benefit the youth of the country immensely and they will make the country famous in the field of engineering as well as other fields, said Sheikh Imtiaz Hussain.

NUTech will be a matter of pride for the country and after the establishment of this university the foreign students will also come to Pakistan and study at this best university in Pakistan.

Originally published at Pak Observer