“To Get 5G in Pakistan, We Need to Get Rid of Old Phones” Says Jazz CEO!

5G is making its way to the global market. However, Pakistan is still overcoming 3G network issues. Keeping this picture in view, Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim recently pointed out the hindrance between Pakistan’s way towards 5G. To get 5G in Pakistan, the use of old phones set (2G) needs to be terminated gradually.

“To Get 5G in Pakistan, We Need to Get Rid of Old Phones” Says Jazz CEO!

By Talal Farooqi

5G in Pakistan

Is it time to get rid of the old phone sets?

Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim recently shared in an interview with Dawn why Pakistan is behind in the global telecom advances. According to him, the outreach of the 4G network needs to be expanded as the time for letting go of the 3G network has already arrived. However, the ground reality speaks differently. The local market assembles about 90 percent of the phone sets capable of running 2G networks.

How to enable 5G in Pakistan?

According to the CEO of Jazz, the visible use of 5G is far down the road for Pakistan’s network users. “We have to keep in mind that we need at least 60pc 4G among all consumers before going to 5G”, Aamir Ibrahim said.

The major barrier in the way of high-speed internet networks to be fully functional in the country is the presence of old phone sets. Most of these phones do not allow users to enjoy even 3G internet.

Role of PTA

In the interview, Aamir Ibrahim also pointed out that the state’s authority PTA should come up with a proper policy decision to encourage the use of good mobile phones compatible with high-speed data coverage.

“We need to accept the lack of good mobile phone sets is one of the key barriers to the growth of the internet in the country,” said the Jazz CEO.

“The PTA has to make mobile companies like us sell locally assembled sets at installments. It will help the companies have a customer on a long-term basis and the defaulters should be treated like bank loan defaulters. All SIMs issued on that CNIC should be blocked,” He added.

How many SIM users own 2G sets in Pakistan?

Pakistan has a phone manufacturing policy that enables brands to manufacture phones for users locally. However, most of the SIM users happen to own a 2G mobile phone. Currently, around 53% of all SIM users in Pakistan use 2G mobiles.

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Originally published at Dnd