The experts from Sindh Agriculture University and SIDA have emphasized the need to focusing on the business values of agriculture in Sindh.

The experts from Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) and Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) have emphasized the need to focusing on the business values of agriculture in Sindh therefore farmers of the province should pay attention to agricultural exports and small scale industries.

This was emphasized in a joint meeting between the Sindh Agriculture University TandoJam and Sindh Irrigation Development Authority was held on Thursday at SAU committee room under the chair of SAU Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri.

Addressing the joint meeting Dr. Fateh Marri said the university graduates are serving in various institutions including public and private institutions, banks, agricultural institutions, private sector and also doing research on exports, farmer training, new varieties and advanced breeds of cattle.

The MoUs are being worked out with various institutions for scholarships, internships and employment opportunities for students while work is also underway to increase the yield per acre for the prosperity of farmers and the country, he said.

The Vice Chancellor said the country makes a lot of output from agricultural products but the lifestyle of the farmer who does important agricultural work is not better. There is the need of creating opportunities for farmers to directly sell their produce so that they could be able to improve their socio economic condition, he added.

The Chairman SIDA Abdul Basit Soomro acknowledged that best research work is being carried out in Sindh Agriculture University.

He said instead of traditional agricultural farming, modern agricultural technology has to be popularized with attention to agricultural development in the province “Our graduates should promote their business approach by giving up thinking about government job”, he said and emphasized the need to create an environment for export of agricultural products. The SAU students should focus on small and domestic industries, he advised.

The Chairman Left Bank Canal Area Water Board Qabool Mohammad Khatian said that farmers of the province have lack innovation in agricultural production and export of their agriculture Production. Better production and marketing of agro-crops, fruits and vegetables in Punjab has got the status of an industry and they are working closely with many farming companies to export agricultural products and produce their own products, he said and added that the university students should take loans from Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) to do their own business.

He said that the Sindh government should focus on the agro-industry development which would solve many problems.

Prof Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar in his briefing to participants said that SAU students were working on the basis of modern principles in laboratories and research field.

Among others, Khurram Aziz Sheikh, Secretary, SIDA Board, Taj Muhammad Dahri, Member, SIDA Board, Pervez Babhan, Transition Manager, Dr. Aijaz Ahmed Khooharo and Hizbullah Mangrio also present in the meeting.

Originally published at Urdu Point