COMSTECH International Workshop On “Nanomedicine Development And Challenges” Concludes, Three-Day Long Workshop Inaugurated On March 15, 2021

COMSTECH International Workshop On “Nanomedicine – Development And Challenges” Concludes. The Three-Day Long Workshop Was Inaugurated On March 15, 2021 At COMSTECH Auditorium, Islamabad. International workshop was delivered by 15 leading scientists from UK, USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Pakistan.

More than 100 academic and research institutions from Pakistan, other OIC member states and from across the world participated both physically and virtually in this international event.

Apart from more than 100 young scholars who participated in-person, more than 200 international participants joined this event virtually from Egypt, UAE, Mauritius, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Niger, Iraq, Bangladesh, UK, China, Kyrgyzstan, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

The workshop was consisted upon four technical thematic sessions. The themes of the sessions were functional materials for disease sensing and treatment, functional nanoparticles for biomedical applications, nanotechnology for diagnostics and clinical applications, and nano-antimicrobials. This three-day event was scheduled with lectures by experts, each lecture was of one-hour duration with question answer session.

It was concluded by the speakers that the nanotechnology offers new prospects of developing affordable, quick and scalable solutions in diagnoses and treatment of COVID-19 and other diseases and manufacturing of personal protective equipment.