Proxies have been defining and shaping the modern business landscape and they have a role of tools for unblocking Netflix from abroad.

Proxies have been defining and shaping the modern business landscape for quite some time now, and they have long surpassed their role of serving as the tools for unblocking Netflix from abroad. Proxies can serve a very wide range of purposes, from keeping you safe while using public WiFis to taking your entire business organization to a whole new level.

We live in a world of data where every internet user, residential or commercial, is generating data daily. Building a data-driven business in such a digital environment includes relying heavily on big data analytics to generate real value across all aspects and spheres of your organization.

A recent survey indicates that the majority of business owners described their big data investments as successful. Since proxies can be used to help build a data-driven business, let’s see how they can help achieve your business goals.

Defining proxies

Proxies and proxy servers are so much more than just tools for bypassing restrictions and unblocking content from foreign countries. In the hands of a well-organized business, proxies are fantastic data-collecting tools.

They can be used for anything from obtaining the latest, most accurate information to improving customer service, decision-making, keeping an eye on your competitors, and so much more.

In essence, proxies are intermediaries between your IP address and the internet. A proxy server is a bridge connecting your private IP address with another server on the web. Instead of making your private IP address public, a proxy server has its own IP address that protects your identity in the process.

Because of their nature, proxies can be used to perform a wide selection of actions vital to your business and related to everything from customer experience to enhancing security. If you want to learn more about proxies and their business application, you should try Oxylabs – a premium proxy service provider.

How companies use proxies
If you’re ready to use proxies to build a data-driven business, you should know how proxies can help your organization reach a set of different goals over time. Proxies can help:

● Enhance institutional and corporate security – since you can’t afford data breaches and hack attacks, proxies can help improve your overall security by protecting your incoming and outgoing traffic.

● Increase anonymity when performing data-sensitive tasks – the main purpose of proxies is to anonymize your web traffic so that you can enjoy higher levels of privacy while conducting your business.

● Ensure maximum uptime by developing a crash-proof server solution – in e-commerce, downtime is your arch-enemy and the best way to lose your customers fast. Proxies make sure your server doesn’t crash by perfectly balancing your traffic. Use a proxy server to create a single web address for your business and ensure maximum uptime and fast loading pages.

● Gain full control over employee internet usage – make sure your employees can’t access inappropriate websites and insecure web pages on company networks by limiting their internet usage to a range of sites they can visit.

● Achieve bandwidth savings, and faster speeds – proxies excel at speeding up your internet by saving bandwidth. They cache web pages and files and compress traffic to allow quick internet access on demand.

How data and proxies work together
As you can see, proxies play a very important role in keeping your business up and running. We also have to mention one more exceptional quality of proxies – web scraping.

Proxies help users scrape thousands of top-class websites to collect vast amounts of data without making any mistakes or alarming the security mechanisms.

That’s how modern businesses stay on top of their competition, keep an eye on the latest trends, gather data regarding their customers, and more. Businesses use proxies for web scraping to:

● Gather data for competitive analysis by scraping prices;

● Increase conversion and lead generation rates;

● Improve brand monitoring by extending their reach beyond the local marketplace;

● Enhance SEO tracking to improve Google search engine rankings;

● Enhance sentiment analysis;

● Track online reputation;

● Block spamming.

Now that you know how proxies can help build a data-driven business let’s conclude by giving you a few useful tips more to ensure your efforts are worthwhile. Set realistic business goals and use the data you’ve gathered from various sites to develop the best strategies according to your needs, budget, and customer expectations.

Make investments in technology and tools but be smart about it. Finally, develop an agile business model according to the conditions and terms in your industry and business niche and make sure your data is managed by experts to maintain steady business growth. Don’t forget that choosing a trustworthy proxy service provider is a must to get the most out of proxies.

Originally published at The Science Times