Despite Global Slowdown Brought By Coronavirus Pandemic, Pakistani Freelancers Community Continued Its Progress Earning $150 Million In 2020.

By Ali Ahmed

Despite The Global Slowdown Brought By The Coronavirus Pandemic, Pakistan’s Freelance Community Continued Its Progress Earning $150 Million In 2020. As per the Pakistan Software Export Board’s latest report “Pakistan’s IT Industry” for the year 2020, regarding the state of the country’s IT Industry on the achievements of the sector.

During the last several years the number of freelancers has been increasing exponentially in Pakistan, and the number of clients and projects has been increasing. The report revealed that the most popular positions of the orders in the freelance market are web development, logo designing, and programming. “The steady growth in the number of freelancers in Pakistan has been identified,” it stated.

During FY 2019-20 with exports to over 120 countries, including the $ 150 million earned by freelancers. Additionally, Pakistan has not only accomplished to secure the top slot in Asia it has also ranked 4th in the world in the growth of freelance earnings in the second quarter, shortly behind the United States at 78 percent growth, the United Kingdom at 59 percent growth and Brazil at just 1 percent more than that of Pakistan.

The enormous mainstream of Freelancers in Pakistan are in their 20s and 30s (over 60%). Payoneer’s Head of Business Development in Pakistan Mohsin Muzaffer says, “There have been many public and private initiatives that have resulted in a better quality of freelancers”, further adding, “Pakistan’s digital workforce is recognized as one of the best and Payoneer will continue to be a part of this growth.”

This news was originally published at B Recorder.