Farmers across the state are expected to return to the AgTech showcase AdvanceAg to share real-life experiences with adopting technology.

Farmers dotted across the state are expected to return to the AgTech showcase AdvanceAg with a key focus this year on sharing producers’ real-life experiences with adopting technology.

Hosted at the Adelaide Convention Centre for July 23, last year’s inaugural event successfully led to more than 300 people travelling far and wide to learn more.

Importantly, the event aims to accelerate the use of AgTech by the SA’s primary producers to increase productivity and profitability to reach food, wine and agribusiness revenue of $23 billion by 2030.

Furthermore, it seeks to provide a platform for farmers and technology providers, and those in between, to collaborate to encourage greater uptake of productivity enhancing technologies.

According to Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister David Basham, the uptake of technology on-farm could return up to $2.6 billion per annum to the state’s economy and support local jobs.

“So removing barriers to adoption is a priority,” the minister said.

The state government’s AgTech Advisory Group independent chair Dr Leanna Read said the 2021 event aims to build on last year’s success.

“Not only will we have keynote speakers but we will have breakout sessions focused on a number of industries and technologies, and a pitch session,” Dr Read said.

“There are many AgTech events across Australia that demonstrate ‘blue sky’ technology but the aim of AdvanceAg is to showcase affordable technology solutions to farmers they can readily adopt.”

There is an opportunity for the agricultural community to get involved in AdvanceAg, with exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities on offer.

Originally published at The Times