Nanosubmarines are synthetic microscopic devices. That are used to navigate and to do environment decontamination, perform targeted drug delivery, conduct microsurgery, and to destroy malicious tumor cells inside the human body.

Currently, Nano submarines perform their functions by the use of electrochemical properties of molecules. Scientists did successful Technology tests to heal mice with inflammatory bowel diseases. The Goal of this technology is to produce a machine that can sense and respond autonomously and fueled by its environment inside the human body.


The Spectacular task of Nanosubmarines is to navigate and perform a specific task within the body like treatment and diagnosis of diseases by detecting the disease produced proteins for other molecules in the bloodstream. This technology revolutionizes the art of surgery by enabling doctors to microsurgery on a specific location inside the body it also revolutionizes the treatment of cancer. Nanosubmarines can be built to detect specific cancer cells within the body after locating cells Nano subs can kill only mutated cells and ignore healthy cells.


Navigation was one of the difficult aspects to develop in Nanosubmarines the goal was to make it able to flow through bloodstreams and the smallest of capillaries which are of 2 micrometers and physics also limit the capabilities of small devices in terms of their output.

One form of thrust in Nanosubmarines is electrochemical. A motor of Nanorod which is platinum plated from one side and gold plated on the other when submerged in hydrogen peroxide the platinum oxidizes the H2 O2 into H2+ and O2. This occurs because Platinum takes 2 electrons from the molecule on the other side gold reduces hydrogen peroxide into the water by doing this and the electron is pulled from the gold. Newton’s third law of physics applied “For any action, there is a reaction” when the electrons are pulled across the surface of the rod so, the rod gets pulled in the opposite directions.


This technology is a great breakthrough in the field of nanotechnology and nanomedicine and can be proved enthusiastic for the patients especially suffering from cancer and getting chemotherapy which has bad consequences on their health.


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