Chairman Of Beijing E-Sports Association, Said That He Was Glad To Learn That Pakistan Realized The Huge Economic Benefits Behind E-Sports.

Chairman Of The Beijing E-Sports Association, Liu Zhen Said On Tuesday That He Was Glad To Learn That Pakistan Realized The Huge Economic Benefits Behind E-Sports, and stimulated to greater efforts. At the current stage, it will be incredible if Chinese and Pakistani organizations can host championships together. We are definitely interested in the performance of Pakistani E-athletes, he said in an interview.

The development of gaming and E-sports industry in Pakistan has been kept under the main-stream media radar for decades. General perceptions of gaming remain skeptical, according to China Economic Net (CEN). China, USA and South Korea are dominating forces in the global E-sports arena, and now, electronic sports are in the process of being granted as a official sport for Pakistan.

Liu informed that currently in China, many types of careers are generated from the E-sports industry. Aside from being professional players, E-sports related jobs include shout caster, referee, event organizer, video producer, PR executive, audio engineer, customer/fan base manager, E-sport finance practitioner, etc.

On July 23, 2020, the Ministry of human resources and social security in China jointly released the development report for new occupations online learning platform with Alibaba group, which indicates that there will be a 2 million career vacancy for E-athletes and 1.5 million for E-sports organizers in the next five years. There will always be a talent gap in this industry, we won™t say no to a true talent, regardless of their nationalities. We have many foreign athletes in different leagues.Liu said.

I think the charming part of E-sports is that, it is like an avenue to dismantle prejudices. Poor or rich in the battle field, people can only judge you by your performance. However, it was recommended that their was need to further strength cooperation between China and Pakistan’s official departments to achieve the desired results.

Currently, China secured 2nd place in the global share of E-sports revenue and has a gaming population of over 500 million with 26 per cent of internet users watching monthly. The Chinese E-sports industry can be seen in embryo in underground cyber bars almost a decade ago. As the Chinese government recognized E-sports as a formal sport in 2003, E-sports became a demonstration of China soft power and international goodwill. Nowadays, Chinese athletes regularly claim victory on the global stage.

The governmental level support is inseparable with the success of E-sports in China. Responding to national appeals, Tech giants in China invested tremendous amounts of money and manpower to support the growth of the industry.Liu said. Moreover, as a result of China rapid development in science and technology, the penetration rate for mobile, PC and console devices among people surged. This also laid a solid base for the development of the E-sports industry.

Pakistan, with 40 percent of its population within the ideal competitive gaming age group, is like a gold mine waiting to be explored,Liu said, With a similar demographic pool, Pakistan can use China experience as a reference. With a similar demographic pool, Pakistan can use China experience as a reference. E-spotrs industry can contributes to Pakistan’s economic development, provides jobs for the locals and attracts foreign investment, he concluded.

This news was originally published at APP.