Spyfone Mobile Tracker Emerges World-Leading Spy Phone App

Spyfone Mobile Tracker is a world-leading spy phone app trusted by millions of parents who use it to monitor their children’s smartphone activities and keep them safe from internet fraudsters and even pedophiles.

Spyfone Mobile Tracker Emerges World-Leading Spy Phone App

Others use to monitor their family members and necessarily their children or wards.

spy phone app Is Free To Install

The app costs nothing to install and allows you to monitor up to five smartphones with one account. The app has more details of its features on its official website, spyfone.com.

You Must Use Spyfone with an Authorized Access

Spyfone however, frowns on secretly gaining access to someone’s phone without due consent. In other words, it does not endorse the use of the app to access data on someone else’s phone without their knowledge and permission.

To enforce this policy, Spyfone will notify the owner of the phone that their data and location are monitored and recorded. These notifications come in 12-hour intervals.

The phone tracker app takes about 30 seconds to install and it’s available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Once installed, parents can begin to monitor their children’s phones.

Features that make the monitoring possible and effective include:

GPS location of your child: This will show on a plotted map in your Spyfone app. In those cases where you worry about your child’s whereabouts, logging into your Spyfone app can help you douse your anxiety and show you their location.

The app sends you a GPS log of your child’s location every 30 minutes. This way, you can ensure they are where they should be.

Your child’s phone contacts: ever gotten curious about your child’s smartphone activities that you wonder who is at the other end of their chat?

Spyfone has a solution for this as a free installation of it on your child’s phone can help you know who they give so much time to.

Your child’s apps: seeing the way children give so much time to their phones that it sometimes interferes with other aspects of their lives, makes it necessary to monitor the kind of apps they use that have so much of their attention.

By installing Spyfone, you can get all this information 24/7 and keep your child safe and focused.

Spyfone is designed to run in the background although its icon will constantly show on your phone when installed. At the point of installation, you will be required to enter a username and password to link your account to the app.

Spyfone works with GPS

For the app to run efficiently on your phone, you need to enable GPS locations data on your phone. You should also check off GPS services so Phone Tracker can work on the phone.

After installation, it takes between 1-5 minutes for the Phone Tracker to start running. You will know this by a notification that will appear at the top of your screen.

After this, you will need to go to phonetracker.com to log into your account and then validate the installation of the app on your phone.

There are phones that take up to 20 minutes to begin recording information. If your own takes longer than this to work, Spyfone recommends that you restart your phone.

One properly installed, your phone should begin to transmit data sufficiently to phonetracker.com. This can only happen though, if you have your internet enabled for your phone to send it the data.

Free Accounts Have a Life Span

If you use a free account, you must log into the account within 7 days. Spyfone will delete the account if you fail to do so. The company has stated that it will not continue to maintain inactive accounts.

To uninstall Spyfone, you first need to go to your phone settings to view your apps. Scroll down to find the phonetracker app and then click on ‘Force Stop.’ After this, you can then uninstall it.

Originally published at Chiang rai times