OPPO Will Present New Charging Tech At MWC 2021

Many Of The Hottest Chinese Brands Are Quite Hectic In Anticipation Of The MWC 2021 Shanghai Event.

OPPO Will Present New Charging Tech At MWC 2021

Many of the hottest Chinese brands are quite hectic in anticipation of the MWC 2021 Shanghai event. The mobile technology trade fair will happen in the next week and we expect a lot of new technologies to be showcased during the event. Oppo, as one of the most innovative Chinese brands, is all set to bring new technologies during the event. As per a new report, Oppo will announce a new technology at MWC 2021 and it has to do with fast-charging. New interactive technology in the event seems to be released with the recently Air Charging. However, Oppo is also said to announce more content on flash charging.

Oppo is teasing a new technology with the label “everything can be flash charging”, from the text with the video, this flash charging tech may be the main functional item for the fusion, the state of the water droplets everywhere. According to the first comments, this can be related to a kind of water-charging technology. But we’re not sure about it. OPPO HAS A MYSTERIOUS CHARGING TECHNOLOGY TO REVEAL AT MWC 2021 SHANGHAI Oppo has been one of the most innovative companies in the fast-charging segment. The brand also is a pioneer in the industry in several ways. For instance, its smartphones are among the few shipping 65W fast-charging as standard. Even its sister companies, OnePlus and Realme benefit from the 65W original charging technology. In the same way, we expect the company’s new charging technology to also expand to other companies under the BBK group.

According to reports, Realme is gearing up to launch a smartphone with 125W fast-charging. This is promising and actually seems to be better than anything currently provided by Oppo. Even the upcoming Oppo Find X3 series which passed through 3C certification seems to be coming with a 65W charger. For now, we can only wait and see what Oppo has in tow for us. The company’s flash charging technology event will be held on February 23 at MWC in Shanghai. During the event we expect this teaser’s mystery to be solved. Worth noting that in March, Oppo will be unveiling its Oppo Find X3 series. Hopefully, the company will debut one of its new ground-breaking technologies within the new smartphones. The Oppo Find X3 family is made of vanilla, a Pro model, a Lite and Neo variants.

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