New Network Launches For Deep-Tech Companies To Meet With Investors

Deep-Tech Showcase Is A New Network Community That Was Launched. The Goal Of The Community Is To Bring Together Deep-Tech Start-Ups.

Deep-Tech Showcase Is A New Networking Community That Was Launched On Thursday, January 28th. The Goal Of The Community Is To Bring Together Deep-Tech Start-Ups, Investors, Corporations, And U.S. Federal Agencies. A pitch event kicked-off the community activities and 11 deep-tech companies pitched to 17 representatives from corporations, federal agencies, and venture funds.

Among the participants were representatives from Google, United States Army, Thales Inc., Capital Factory, U.S. Air Force’s Space Force division, World Wide Tech Services, SAIC, and Moog Inc.

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Among the pitching companies were Exosonic, Nanoramic, Elementum 3D, Quantum Interface, Deep-North, Irradiant, B612 Holding Co, and Vocalytics. The Showcase is an invite-only community which serves small businesses based in the U.S. developing what is called, “deep-tech.” Deep-tech refers to revolutionary technology that demands significant capital, long development time, and has the potential to make a large impact.

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The companies selected are winners of R&D grants from the DoD, NASA, DHS, DoE or other Federal agencies and are looking to take their technology to market. The Showcase matches these deep-tech startups with a community of investors, technology scouts from Fortune 500 corporations, and representatives from different U.S. Federal agencies.

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“The Showcase community fills a much-needed gap between the stakeholders and the innovators of deep-tech. Due to many reasons, the two sides struggle to find one another, and as a result inferior technologies reach the market.” Remarked Josh Bar-on, one of the Showcase’s directors.

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