Pakistan Deploying Drones To Patrol Highways

Cheaper Technique To Patrol The Highways Especially The Difficult-To-Reach Areas, Officials Said. Drones Can Also Cover Large Areas

Pakistan Deploying Drones To Patrol Highways
By Sana Jamal

Pakistan’s National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) is all set to launch drone technology to conduct road patrolling and traffic monitoring. The motorway police officials told Gulf News that they are currently conducting trials of the aerial surveillance project, which will become fully functional in the coming weeks. The drone surveillance offers an easier, faster, and cheaper technique to patrol the highways especially the difficult-to-reach areas, officials said. Drones can also cover large areas, dramatically reducing staff numbers and costs, and “help officers make appropriate use of resources, time and money.” The highway officials said drones could also be a powerful tool to help with search and rescue operations. Drones equipped with thermal cameras can allow police officers track, locate and catch criminals more efficiently even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Drone policy

The use of drones for highway patrolling is in line with the government’s drone policy approved in December last year to expand a safer and legalized use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in diverse sectors. Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry, who is spearheading the national drone policy, said his ministry has provided full support to the motorway police to implement the project. The minister has been a strong proponent of the use of drones in precision agriculture and law enforcement for public safety and aims to boost local drones manufacturing industry. Last year, Pakistan’s capital city police also started using drones to track suspects, help curb street crimes and ensure public safety. Islamabad Police launched the air patrol unit equipped with eight drones for effective policing.

This news was originally published at Gulf News