Microsoft Reveals Their Own Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset

Microsoft revealed today that they are releasing a brand new Xbox-specific audio product with their first official Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset. 

Microsoft Reveals Their Own Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset

By Gavin Sheehan

The company revealed the headset going over a lot of the additions to it that make it a competitive headset on the market against companies who have been making them for years.

The goal of which is to offer the best-in-class audio and chat performance specifically designed for the Xbox Series X/S, but will also work well with the Xbox One. The headset will be made available on March 16th for $100, you can read a snippet of the info below along with a trailer showing it off.

The team put a lot of energy into finding the right feel. The Xbox Wireless Headset is engineered for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions with a lightweight design, ultra-soft large earcups made of polyurethane leather that distribute pressure evenly over the ears. It also features an adjustable headband with a thick cushion that easily fits wide-ranging head sizes and spreads pressure more evenly around the top of the head.

The design is intentionally understated and shares the same shapes and colors found on our new consoles. The controls and indicators mirror the circular geometry that informed the design of Xbox Series X and Series S. And much like our new Xbox consoles, the Xbox Wireless Headset is designed to blend into your living room without feeling out of place or obtrusive.

“We’ve learned that gaming is a deeply social activity. Especially nowadays, given the state of the world, gaming and communicating with others is a critical need. The team took a human-centered approach to design a headset that removes the unnecessary distractions so that players can focus on the game and their friends,” said Scott Wang, the Senior Design Researcher working on the new Xbox Wireless Headset.

Combining a sleek and modern design with high-quality materials and finishes the Xbox Wireless Headset has a durable frame with inner metal headband, rubberized dial rings for grip, and a fully adjustable mic that tucks up and out of the way when not in use.

The rotating earcup dials of the new Xbox Wireless Headset provide an intuitive way to adjust the volume and game/chat audio balance with just a simple turn without interrupting how it rests on the player’s head.

As Elie Ahovi, Senior Designer, puts it “we were driven by wanting every interaction with the headset to be delightful.”

Originally published at Bleeding cool