Scientists Believe They Have Discovered Where Asteroid Which Wiped Out

By Tim Baker

Scientists Think They May Be A Step Closer To Understanding Where The Asteroid Or Comet That Wiped Out The Dinosaurs Came From. The Chicxulub impactor smashed into the earth off the eastern shore of what is now Mexico, leaving a crater 100 miles across and 12 miles deep. It ended the reign of the dinosaurs – taking out three quarters of plant and animal life with them – about 66 million years ago.

The gravity of the massive planet Jupiter draws comets from the icy outer edges of the solar system and hurtles them inwards, towards the sun. As the comets slingshot around the sun, the gravitational power of the star breaks apart the cosmic missile.

The resulting shards fly across the solar system – increasing the chance of a collision with planets like Earth.

This news was originally published at News Sky.