Saudi Arabia Launches Green Nature-Inspired Luxury Island

TRSDC Has Launched A Green Luxury Island That Is Bound To Impress Both Because Of Its Views And Eco-Friendly Attributes

Saudi Arabia Launches Green Nature-Inspired Luxury Island
By Loukia Papadopoulos

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince, Chairman of The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), has launched a green luxury island that is bound to impress both because of its views and eco-friendly attributes. The project is called the Coral Bloom concept and it is located in Saudi Arabia’s main hub island Shurayrah. “Nature is the world’s most important asset, and as part of our uncompromising commitment to becoming the world’s first regenerative tourism destination we are setting new standards internationally by implementing policies to enhance the environment for generations to come,” told IE John Pagano, CEO at TRSDC.

“The ‘Coral Bloom’ concept is designed to protect and enhance Shurayrah Island’s pristine natural state, providing natural defenses from erosion, while new habitats are created through landscaping to enhance the island’s natural state.” The project should be open for customers by the end of 2022. All the island’s amenities, including resorts and hotels, have strict conservation goals of using renewable energy and emphasizing water conservation and re-use. “Before construction even began, we partnered with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to deliver an ambitious Marine Spatial Planning simulation (MSP) to map out conservation areas at our site. The entire destination was divided into grids, and each grid was given a conservation value. As a result, only 22 of the 90 plus islands in our archipelago will be developed with nine designated as special conservation zones. Informed by the MSP, the master plan for the destination predicts a 30 percent net conservation benefit by 2040,” said Pagano.

“Our ambition is to be the region’s first tourism destination powered solely by renewable energy, 24 hours a day. For context, a tourism project of this size, powered solely by renewable energy, has never been achieved on this scale anywhere in the world.” The project is being developed over 28,000 km2 of untouched lands and waters along Saudi Arabia’s west coast that also feature mountain canyons, dormant volcanoes, sweeping desert dunes, and ancient cultural and heritage sites. All areas of the project are being handled with eco-conscious alternatives. “As part of our ambition to create a tourism destination that actively contributes to the area’s natural environment, TRSDC is investing in a number of innovative construction methods and materials, such as green concrete,” Pagano added. TRSDC has released some images of what the luxury destination will look like and we must admit they have been giving us vacation fever. Ready for an eco-friendly destination trip?

This news was originally published at Interesting Engineering