Pakistan-Based Smart Farming Solutions Provider-Radical Growth Solutions, Secured Pre-Seed Funding From Brinc MENA And An Accelerator Firm.

By Ali Ahmaad

Pakistan-Based Smart Farming Solutions Provider – Radical Growth Solutions, Has Secured Pre-Seed Funding From Brinc MENA And An Accelerator Firm. The startup founded in 2017 by Nabeel Yousuf and Priya Osanna Smith, makes easy-to-use hardware, software, and mobile apps for digital agriculture.

“We are thrilled to partner with Brinc and HASSAD, and we can see the value each added to our journey so far. The continuous backing we received from both accelerators helped us restructure our thoughts and ideas, understand the process, and prepare for our journey, avoiding obvious pitfalls that may occur due to a lack of guidance and support,” Nabeel Yousuf, Co-Founder of Radical Growth Solutions said, quoted Magnitt.

The fresh investment will be used by the company to promote its product development and roll-out the first generation of its IoT based intelligent system, as the company aims to spread awareness on the benefits of digital transformation in agriculture.

Farah Hijjawi, HASSAD’s investment manager commented, “Radical Growth is an innovative solution that improves farmers’ lives by enhancing their growth and reducing costs and resources used. We have no doubt that the company will be a game-changer in the agricultural space, and will lead the change necessary in introducing tech-solutions and digitizing the sector, especially at the farmers’ level.

“The alliances that the company is building along with the fresh funds it received will help boost its system development, and will accelerate its commercialization and go-to-market plans.”

This news was originally published at BR Recorder.