Travis Airmen Transfer Service To Space Force

Travis Airmen Were Heralded As They Ready To Embark On An Adventure That’s Not Only Unprecedented, But An Opportunity To Shape The Future.

By Kim Fu

With Quiet Ceremony Friday, 10 Travis Airmen Were Heralded As They Ready To Embark On An Adventure That’s Not Only Unprecedented, But An Opportunity To Shape The Future. Handpicked for their specialties, nine men and one woman transferred their status as airmen to guardians. That is, in service to the newly formed United States Space Force. Gathered inside the Global Reach Deployment Center at Travis Air Force Base, the group reaffirmed their commitment to serve by taking the Oath of Enlistment.

”This oath reminds us all of the significant pledge that American servicemen and women make to support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” said Senior Master Sergeant Nichole Reynolds, also a member of Space Force. “Listen carefully to the words of the oath; they speak to the significance of military service and to why it’s such a privilege to serve.”

Colonel Gregg Johnson, commander of the 60th Operations Group, said all were present to bear witness to “a unique and historic event.” The incoming group will create a legacy, he said, and promote a culture of excellence in a branch of the military that’s “still establishing its identity, culture and policy.” As guardians with Space Force, he continued, “this will be your legacy, your pages to write. … The adventure and opportunity ahead of you is boundless.” Colonel Charles Galbreath, Space Force deputy chief of technology and innovation, told the troops, virtually, that they would “set the tone for generations to come as for what service will be.”

He then administered the oath of enlistment. The 10 airmen from the 60th Communications Squadron and the 821st Contingency Response Support Squadron stationed at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield joined the newest branch of the United States military, the United States Space Force, during a ceremony on base Friday.(Joel Rosenbaum — The Reporter)

One by one the team next  boarded the stage, removed their airmen jacket and replaced it with a Space Force one.New guardians include: From the 60th Communications Squadron: Master Sergeant Jeffery Heath, Master Sergeant Maurice Carbajal, Sergeant Eric Ramerez and Sergeant Christian Asturias. From the 60th Operation Support Squadron, Specialist 4 Skylar Campbell. And from the 821st Contingency Response Support Squadron: Technical Sergeant Devin Fields, Technical Sergeant John Herron, Technical Sergeant Trevor Black, Technical Sergeant Ronald Ferguson and Specialist 4 Wyatt Ryan.

Reached after the event, Guardian Ronald Ferguson, 32, said he looks forward to the challenge. “I’m so excited by it,” said the 13-year veteran. Reynolds, a 22-year veteran, said she looks forward to continuing to serve in another capacity. The new guardians join 2,400 already in existence. Within the next few months, guardians are expected to total 3,600-strong around the globe. The concept has been around since 2000, officials said, and became reality in 2019.

This news was originally published at Daily Democrat.