Afridi asks Pakistanis to gear up for all-new MG Gloster SUV

Unlike the earlier releases MG HS and MG ZS EV – MG Gloster is a full-size, 7-seater luxury SUV that is powered with a giant 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder petrol engine

Afridi asks Pakistanis to gear up for all-new MG Gloster SUV

The CEO of Haier Pakistan, Javed Afridi, shared a video of the all-new MG Gloster SUV. The luxury vehicle’s glimpses on the businessman’s official Twitter handle has sparked speculations of an early release in Pakistan.

In a challenge for his 1.8 million followers, Afridi also asked his followers on the microblogging site to guess the price of the incoming luxury sports utility vehicle.

Unlike the earlier releases MG HS and MG ZS EV – MG Gloster is a full-size luxury SUV that comes packed with a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder petrol engine that makes 211 horsepower and 350 Newton/meters of torque and can be mated to a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Last year, Javed Afridi, JW Auto Park owner, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the British carmaker MG Motors to bring electric vehicles in Pakistan.

Javed Afridi, the owner of a franchise in Pakistan Super League (PSL) and the CEO of Haier Pakistan has from time and again expressed his desire to bring different international brands to Pakistan.

The most recent of which was Morris Garages (MG) Motor UK Limited. MG Motors is already selling its two crossover SUVs in the country, namely MG HS and MG ZS Electric Vehicle.

MG motors or M.G Car Company was established by Cecil Kimber in the early ’90s in the UK. The company claimed popularity primarily in the sports car segment due to its astonishing releases.

In the aftermath, the company erstwhile mostly known for its state-of-the-art sports cars, entered the saloon and coupés market. Its fans around the world still remember the company for its open two-seater sporty vehicles.

State-of-the-art features

MG Gloster will come equipped with advanced state-of-the-art features like hill start assist, parking assist, automatic emergency braking and collision control system. On the entertainment front, Gloster SUV will offer a large 12.3 inches touchscreen infotainment display capable of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections. Speaking of safety, the vehicle will be equipped with 6 airbags for protection against collisions.

If we look at the body of the 7-seater SUV, we observe a classy, modern exterior lined with sleek and sharp headlights and stylish alloy rims. Consumers will be able to choose from a large range of colours as per individual preferences

Gloster’s interior comprises of comfortable leather seats with diamond stitching. In the center of the front console, you’ll find a floating 12.3 inches display. The steering wheel features control buttons along with a speedometer and tachometer with an LCD based information screen in the center.


It’s to early to accurately determine the price of the yet-to-be launched MG Gloster luxury SUV. However, for the readers we have calculated a rough estimate of the price tag, based on the market environment and competition; MG Gloster will likely cost in the Pakistani market around 6.5-7.5 million PKR.

Originally published at Global village space