The California Black Worms They are located in a group of the most curious species on the planet, survive in water or vegetation.

Worms are able to survive in water or vegetation. They group together and form a single individual to protect themselves from adverse conditions.

The California Black Worms They are located in a group of the most curious species on the planet. Although they are extremely tiny beings, they are capable of grouping together, with the intention of protecting each other. It details the Slash Gear portal that can be made between tens, hundreds or even thousands of copies. Consequently, it is even weirder that a group of scientists created little robots that emulate such behavior.

Explains the aforementioned portal that California Black Worms group together to protect themselves from the conditions to which they could be exposed. Specifically, they indicate that they live in water or vegetation. Therefore, they could be subjected to extreme heat or cold. Then when the heat is present they could dry out.

In this way they perform the grouping and behave as a single individual in uniform and synchronized movements. Based on these principles, Georgia Tech scientists created these robots.

Worm robots

First, through mathematical models and biological experiments, they were able to determine that worms form in patches to survive longer. So, once they come together, every move they make, they do so under collective decision making.

With this proven scientific data, they searched and found a way to transfer it to robotics. They made six robots that were 3D printed. Each one has two arms and two sensors that detect light. They also added tights and pins that allowed them to interlock with each other.

After all this they ran the experiments through different levels, in the intensity of the light. The robots were looking to get away from the lighting. Something that they have not yet been able to conclude is communication between them. Each one moved under an individual decision and not a collective one. However, they were able to mimic the worms in question.


This project can be taken in two ways and both are successful. First of all, there is technology. The scientists stated that it may be the beginning of robots making decisions under the needs that arise when they carry out a task. For now robotics works for things that are already programmed.

While, in the biological world, new behaviors are shown of which few records were had. These same, when they become detailed, with hard work, could be imitated by science.

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