Genetron, Leading Company That Specializes In Offering Molecular Profiling Tests, Announced Its Early Liver Cancer Screening Research Results.

Cancer Screening Research Results Were Cited By The “Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Guidelines For Patients With Primary Liver Cancer” (The “Guidelines”). The Guidelines, Issued By The Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Are The First National-Level Patient-Oriented Full-Process Guidelines For Liver Cancer Prevention And Treatment In China.

 In the section on early liver cancer screening, the Guidelines emphasized that “Liquid biopsies based on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) have shown significant value in early screening for liver cancer. The combined detection of mutation and methylation, in combination with traditional protein biomarkers can achieve better screening results.” The liquid biopsy-based early liver cancer screening study, jointly published by Genetron Health and the National Cancer Center/Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), was cited in the Guidelines indicating a high level of awareness and regard for Genetron’s research among the expert community.

Several well-regarded oncology experts in China, including Academician Fan Jia from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were involved in developing these Guidelines, advising patients with anti-cancer tactics spanning prevention, diagnosis, and treatment to rehabilitation. “The scientific community considers early screening to be the most effective method for cancer prevention and control,” said Sizhen Wang, Genetron Health’s Co-founder and CEO. “Thanks to favorable government policies and the accessibility of capital, China’s cancer early screening field is seeing major technological breakthroughs.

In this regard, Genetron Health has developed an innovative, world-class technology platform named the Mutation Capsule™. We are excited about the potential indicated by our first pursuit of an early screening indicator for liver cancer, and we will continue to expand to other major cancer types.” Wang emphasized, “We will also continue to actively participate in cancer prevention and treatment projects led by the government and scientific communities. Our company intends to contribute by developing easy-to-use, accurate early screening products, in order to help accelerate China’s cancer prevention and control objectives to benefit more patients and significantly reduce family and social medical expenses.”

This news was originally published at Business Wire.