BuddyCheque’s vaccination passport COVID-19 history, ConfirmD app, is now available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores.

BuddyCheque’s vaccination passport, ConfirmD, is now available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores. The app equips individuals with a secure platform to record, verify and share their medical records, including COVID-19 vaccination history, antibody status and test results.

Designed by doctors and data scientists to put the power of health data in the user’s hands, ConfirmD provides a means to safely and efficiently share your vaccine status and other medical information as needed for air travel, hotels, work, restaurants and more … during the pandemic and beyond. All uploaded records are authenticated by medical professionals before they can be shared, minimizing the risk of fraud so those accepting the ConfirmD results from users can be confident in the data.

Once vaccine information or COVID-19 test status is uploaded and verified, the app provides each user a secure QR code containing their data. The QR code facilitates quick and easy sharing of user’s status as they desire.

ConfirmD was developed in conjunction with the International Public Safety Data Institute (IPSDI), a leader in data science and analytics for public safety.

“Everyone wants to accelerate both public health and economic recovery from COVID-19. The ConfirmD mobile app allows first responders, healthcare professionals, and the public to record, verify, protect and display their personal test results and COVID-19 vaccine status at any time they need,” says Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, CEO of IPSDI. “Created by experts in healthcare, technology, data privacy and security, the ConfirmD app includes fraud prevention and data protection technology that supports local, state and national efforts to get back to ‘open’ more quickly.”

BuddyCheque is led by experienced healthcare veterans, Dr. Ramsey Kilani and Bob Ramsey (Ramsey Social Justice Foundation), along with co-founders Karl Wagner and Alex Chatel. The team recognized the lack of a solution for sharing test results and vaccination status, much needed to provide safe reopening and a return to relative normalcy. Advised by a board consisting of eleven physicians representing over a dozen specialties, the app was designed with patients’ priorities in mind.

To date, ConfirmD is used by various enterprises in Arizona including Silverado Golf Club of Scottsdale, medical service providers, and select facilities at Phoenix SkyHarbor Airport.

ConfirmD is currently free to download in app stores. Learn more about the app and how it’s helping individuals and businesses return to life at www.confirmd.io.

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