iHealthScreen Inc, a local healthcare service provider, in collaboration with DAB, launched its artificial health screening services in Bangladesh.

iHealthScreen Bangladesh Ltd, a local healthcare service provider, in collaboration with Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB), launched its artificial health screening services in the country on Saturday.

The services will help prevent diabetic patients from becoming blind and can give information in advance of diseases to the patients.

DAB secretary general Md Saifuddin launched the activities at Sufia Kamal Auditorium in the capital’s Shahbagh. DAB president Dr A K Azad Khan virtually joined the event.

Chief scientist, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of iHealthScreen Inc, USA, Dr Alauddin Bhuiyan said that iHealthScreen Bangladesh Ltd is offering state-of-the-art mobile screening services to diabetic patients.

He said that the services will gradually be expanded to all diabetic centres and points across the country.

Earlier, to provide healthcare services to diabetic patients, iHealthScreen Bangladesh Ltd signed an agreement with the DAB. The services (biotech artificial intelligence) will help prevent glaucoma disease. The technology is non-invasive eye screening which is safe and preventive.

People irrespective of their income, including day-labourers and rickshaw-pullers can also afford the services.

There are around 7.5 million card-holding diabetic patients in the country.

Most of the patients are vulnerable to glaucoma disease and might face blindness if preventive measures were not taken at the early stage.

The iHealthScreen Bangladesh with the supports of iHealthScreen Inc, USA, is working on cutting edge technology in the medical field and innovation. It (iHealthScreen Bangladesh) has been conducting its activities in the country since 2017.

Originally published at The Financial Express