Industry professionals, though, still want to keep couples who can’t wait to get down the aisle in the loop by trying to give the feeling to couples

The wedding industry remains in flux in Rhode Island as coronavirus restrictions remain in place.

Industry professionals, though, still want to keep couples who can’t wait to get down the aisle in the loop.

“They feel like they have no where to go,” wedding DJ and RI Coalition of Wedding and Event Professionals spokesperson Luke Renchan said. “I’m trying to give the feeling to couples that if you’re having a late spring early summer weddings think were gonna be at a great place.”

Renchan says they don’t have all the answers, but on Tuesday they tried. They hosted a Zoom where more than 100 people hoping to say ‘I do’ we’re able to ask their questions.

Testing – how will that be organized?” one question was. “Will guests submit their tests to the state or to the venue?”

“Some venues may be completely on board with doing it and some may not be,” Renchan answered in part.

Renchan says a lot of the questions came up after he and colleagues planned a mock wedding last week.

The goal of that event was to show how weddings can work with the current restrictions.

“We’re definitely going to have to have testing, a COVID safety officer, guests will all have to wear masks,” Renchan said. “Then in Phase Two, we start moving a little forward.”

Wedding industry leaders have mapped out an entire plan to safely expand weddings and big events back to what they used to be in Rhode Island.

It still needs to be approved by the state, but it suggests easing restrictions based on the state’s COVID percent positivity rate. If the percentage stays steady for two weeks, they suggest moving to the next phase in the loop.

“The big question on everybody’s mind is dancing,” the Best of RI wedding DJ said.

Under the plan, Renchan says weddings in March and April may not see much dancing. After that, though, they expect to implement “pod” dancing, which he describes as small groups of people dancing. He says a full dance floor should return down the road.

New York State recently made changes last week to jumpstart weddings starting in March.

We reached out to Lt. Governor Dan McKee’s team who says it’s an important issue the Lt. Governor and his administration will evaluate shortly after he is sworn in.

They expect that as soon as next week.

Originally published at 10 WJAR