By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

Advantech’s corporate vision is to enable an intelligent planet. The company is a global leader in the fields of IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms.

To embrace the trends of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech promotes IoT hardware and software solutions with the Edge Intelligence WISE-PaaS core to assist business partners and clients in connecting their industrial chains. Advantech is also working with DigiMac Hi-Technologies Pakistan its business partner to co-create business ecosystems that accelerate the goal of industrial intelligence.

In a recent interview with Advantech’s Elvin Ng, ASEAN IIOT Sector Head, and ADVANTECH MALAYSIA General Manager; and Maqsood Arshad, CEO, DigiMac Hi-Technologies shares their experience the dynamics of Pakistani market.


Why did you choose DigiMac Hi-technologies Pakistan for the collaboration?

Elvin: Digimac is local Technology and Automation market leader in Pakistan which has been partnering with Advantech for more than 15 Year.

Why do you think DigiMac Hi-Technologies was chosen for the collaboration?

Maqsood: DigiMac Hi-Technologies was founded in year 2004 and since then, it has been a totally committed Channel Partner of Advantech in Pakistan. DigiMac has been successful in developing market for Advantech products in our region. Thanks to quality and reliability of Advantech products and our continued marketing efforts that now, Advantech is well recognized brand name in Pakistan and most of the requirements & tenders for industrial computing platforms and automation products are floated with Advantech products part numbers. Over the years, DigiMac has also expanded its operations and expertise to become market leader in technology and automation solutions in our region. 

What has DigiMac aimed for its audience?

Maqsood: DigiMac is proud to be channel partner of Advantech – global leader in Industrial computers and AIoT products. Technical advancement in IIoT field has revolutionised the Industrial Automation and hence, local industries need to improve their productivity to compete internationally by utilising technologies like IoT, AI and Cloud. Thus, Advantech products and solutions have great potential in our market and DigiMac has devised special marketing strategy to fully explore the market potential, initially focusing on OEE, FEMS, Predictive Maintenance and Machine Vision solutions. Our strategy includes reaching all key market segments and creating awareness for them to realize true potential of Advantech products and solutions through digital and direct marketing. Secondly, we will create partnerships with educational institutes by setting up demo systems and supporting final years students in their projects. Also, with the support of Advantech academy, we will offer students and experts of leading system integrators to attend training courses which will help us attract their loyalty to Advantech products and solutions.  

What is the approach of Advantech?

Elvin: Advantech looks for long term partnership with Digitmac in developing local branding and business collaboration. With the booming AIOT, Advantech will co-create, co-invest, co-develop with Digimac to align the major technology paradigm shirt toward AIOT era.

What makes Advantech products different from other companies manufacturing industrial products?

Elvin: Indeed, Advantech is only one of the top player in AIOT market, but Industrial IOT platform developed and managed by Advantech may consider as the major differences if compare to other Industrial products companies.  Advantech has diversified to solution selling (Hardware+software+Cloud services) since 2018 and we expected to have significant growth for the next 5 year.

What is Advantech expecting from the Pakistani market?

Elvin: With both party commitment, mutual understanding on Advantech next 5-year GIRC direction (global integrated regional competence at vertical focus sector drive) and current co-work business practise, we have high expectation and set optimistic revenue projection at USD 1Mil by 2022. we strongly believe Pakistan will be the next growth engine for Advantech emerging market development.

What kind of audience have the company targeted?

Maqsood: DigiMac has a a wide range of targeted companies, ranging from:

  • Local leading industries – Textile, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, food and beverages
  • Military (Embedded Hardware / Solutions, Testers for existing in-service systems)
  • Government and Semi-Government Organizations (Testers for existing in-service systems)
  • Remote facility monitoring solutions, Building Automation (HVAC) etc.
  • Education Sector
  • Local Chambers of Commerce

How will the products be beneficial for the local industry?

Maqsood: Pakistan is lacking behind in the technological advancement of the Industrial Sector. Using new technologies like IoT, Cloud and AI along with data science, the local industry can see leaps of improvement not only in profit but also in exploiting the potential of local industry. The local FMCG sector can really improve and harness their market by coming up to speed with the international standard of Industrial Automation.

What products will the company be introducing in the country?

Elvin: Complete range of Advantech products focusing on below products:

  • IoT products
  • Industrial Automation Solutions (OEE, FEMS, Predictive Maint., Machine Vision etc)
  • Smart Factory Solutions
  • COVID Prevention Solutions Intelligent Streaming Solutions
  • Intelligent Transportation systems and solutions
  • Power & Energy Automation Solutions
  • Medical Computing Products & Solutions
  • Surveillance and Network Products

Has Advantech planned to stay in Pakistan for long?

Elvin: So far in Advantech global practice and track record, unless there will be a major political restriction and changes which is out of Corporate control, we definitely stay positive to have long term investment with local partner for future business development.

Does Advantech have any plans for expanding its business through other collaborations?

Elvin: With revenue projection of 1M USD by 2022, we may start to initiate next growth model by co-creation join venture (CCJV) partnership by 2025.  It will involve technology transfer for local business development and talent development.

What is the future of DigiMac in Pakistan?

Maqsood: DigiMac enjoys long term business collaboration with Advantech and has set a projected revenue target of USD 1M by year 2022. In view of that, DigiMac has planned to reorganize its structure to expand its operations focusing on setting up well trained and well equipped DFSI to co-create and co-develop with Advantech and take up turn-key AIoT projects in our market which will help us achieve the projected revenue target.