The technological advancements around the world are directly proportional to the growth of global automation which is driven by the internet of things and cyber-physical systems.

By yousaira muqbool

Merging computing and communication with physical processes will change the way that we interact with the physical world. All you need to know about the impact of the cyber-physical system on various areas in personal and professional life.

“Autonomous cyber-physical systems are systems that are capable of making decisions and operating independently. However, at this point time, cyber-physical system development is mostly in semi-autonomous systems. These are systems that operate independently only in pre-defined conditions, such as semi-autonomous drones. Users can set a flight path and then real-time machine vision will enable the drone to avoid obstacles, removing the need for manual flying,” says Roberto.

 In Cyber-physical systems, computers and real-world objects interact with each other to perform a specific task and support a variety of areas like healthcare, agriculture, transportation, smart grid, smart cities, and many more areas.

Cyber-physical systems in the health care industry provide smart feedback systems, automated updates of digital patients, and continuously passive monitoring through biosensors and smart devices in healthcare. Cyber-physical system also makes it possible for patients to live and recover in the comfort of more relaxed environments.

Cyber-physical systems in the agriculture industry allow devices across the farm to measure all kinds of data and provide information about farmers in real-time. CPS gather information like soil moisture, chemical applications, dam levels, and livestock health as well as monitor fences vehicles and weather. CPS allows the farmer to track farm operations and make a better decisions to improve farm productivity.

Transportation cyber-physical systems help in preventing traffic accidents, improve safety and coordination by sensing, computation, and controlled mechanisms. It ultimately safe money and time.

Cities and Communities take advantage of the Cyber-physical systems to enhance the quality of life, improves services, and promote economic growth.

Cyber-physical system increases the performance, reliability, and efficiency across the economic sector by using the smart grid and smart manufacturing system in energy sectors.

Privacy and Security are two main challenges of Cyber-physical system. Many kinds of research are find out the solution, to secure data and prevent cyberattacks. with the adoption of security measure, performance of Cyber-physical system is reduced, higher security level will result in higher computational cost, CPS is not compatible with the security measures. To maintain security, new lightweight cryptographic solutions are introduced, user access to data with verified backups.

Cyber-physical systems are more efficient and more reliable systems, reducing building and operation system costs and improve the disaster response and make human life easier. Though the CPS system has many advantages, the increasing technology increase more threats for the privacy and security of cyber-physical systems. I will end up discussing with that

  With increasing threats, Are CPS be secured in the future?