'Fortnite' V-Bucks Card: How to Get Free via Microsoft Rewards!

“Fortnite’s” premium content, items, and other extras in the game can be purchased with the use of the game’s V-Bucks currency that has an equivalent fee on the real-world money that would surely cost a gamer. 

'Fortnite' V-Bucks Card: How to Get Free via Microsoft Rewards!

By Isaiah Alonzo 

Microsoft Rewards is a simple way to earn points that require users to as easy as searching on Bing, with at least five points per search for starting Level 1 users for the rewards service.

\The popular consumer electronics technology company, Microsoft, has partnered with several retail companies in exchange for gift cards that can be used for games. 

 According to Microsoft, the rewards feature of the company can be participated by any user, as long as they use a Microsoft account with Bing. 

How to Get Free ‘Fortnite’ V-Bucks via the Microsoft Rewards

According to YouTuber Kevin Stratvert, he uses an ingenious way to empower the searches that can earn him points via the Microsoft Rewards, which he uses in exchange for Fortnite V-Bucks and other in-game currencies. The YouTuber has focused on V-Bucks because this is his preferred game title to play, but these rewards can be exchanged for other applicable uses. 

How to Create a Microsoft Account and Get Started

Head to Microsoft Rewards’ website and read the FAQs that start with creating an account. Either use an old Microsoft account or create a new one for free, to get started on using the service. It is essential to use a Microsoft account to track one’s progress for every search on Bing’s platform and search engines. 

How to Earn Microsoft Rewards Points via Bing Searches

The best way to earn Microsoft Rewards points without costing any real-life money is to head on to Bing’s search engine platform via web browsers, or the use of Microsoft Edge. Level 1 users can earn five points per search and 150 points a month, which can upgrade to Level 2’s 20 points a day and 600 points a month, and so forth. 

Users may also utilize the Bing search application via Android or iOS devices to further their earnings easily, as most people use smartphones over laptops or computers in the current generation. Stratvert regarded this process to be a “great” way to earn points as users are already searching and browsing the web daily. 

How to Exchange Microsoft Rewards Points to Fortnite V-Bucks

After accumulating enough points on the Microsoft Rewards search process, users need to go to the Rewards’ official website and head to the Shop tab. Search or scroll to view the rewards, and users need only to click their preferred way to exchange the V-Bucks. 

For Xbox users, the Xbox Gift Card requires only 1,620 points in exchange for the $10 worth of 1,000 V-Bucks on the game. On other hand, Target and Walmart offer the same $10 worth of V-Bucks for a higher price of 5,000 points and offer only a physical card that requires pick-up or deliveries.

Originally published at Tech times