Cybersecurity Ventures Predicts The Global Cybercrime Will Cost A Whopping $10.5t (Trillion) Annually By 2025.

Cyber space has been evolving at a very fast pace, introducing businesses to futuristic technology and possible advancements, but this has also led to an alarming growth of cybercrime. Cybersecurity Ventures Predicts The Global Cybercrime Will Cost A Whopping $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025.

If cybercrime evolves as predicted, it will risk the incentives for innovation as the damage that it brings is exponentially large. Following the right approach in the cyber space not only mitigates the risk for your organisation and the extremely valuable data, but also helps you win over your clients and customers by winning their trust.

“Even at the time of investment or fund-raising in companies, IT Audit, process and compliance reports have become a very crucial part of the due diligence. That helps us gauge the technical strength of the company alongside the other factors,” said Ayaz Ahmed, partner, Synergy Management

With industry experts from across the security domains, Synergy Consulting offers a wide spectrum of IT audit and consultancy services that include vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, ADHICS compliance, ISO Audits, SOC 1,2,3 compliance, data security, cloud security, IT risk mitigation, and many more.

“We have come across many clients, where minor tweaking in the process and development in their companies have led to significant difference. As a technology consultant, there cannot be anything more rewarding and satisfying than such feedback and growth stories of our clients,” said Harsh Didwania, chief technology officer, Synergy Management Consultancy.

This news was originally published at Khaleej Times.