HaptX Launches new and improved DK2 Haptic VR Gloves

Introducing an upgraded version of the DK2 Haptic VR Gloves. Designed by HaptX, this gadget can create a sensation that you’re actually touching the objects you’re seeing. Continue reading this blog to find out more.

HaptX Launches new and improved DK2 Haptic VR Gloves

By Amy Poole

HaptX has revealed a new launch of the DK2 Haptic VR Gloves, which are designed to provide virtual reality uses. Thanks to 133 tactile feedback points per hand, the gloves provide a new-and-improved reality experience. This upgraded gadget is also much slimmer, ergonomic, and comfortable than its predecessor.

Applies 40 pounds of resistance per hand

HaptX designed the improved gadget with up to 40 pounds of resistance per hand—nearly double the strength of other force feedback gloves. They also come with lower latency to prevent delays and features improved stiffness for control.

And the gloves’ hardware is much smaller, which provides a sleeker fit into the gloves. Furthermore, the gloves boast a new and improved fit and ergonomics. This redesign makes them easier to put on and remove after use.

Enhanced tactile feedback points

We mentioned earlier that the DK2 Haptic VR Gloves feature 133 tactile feedback points per hand. These sensors physically push against your skin to simulate the texture and the feeling of objects.

And each finger is uniquely tracked using a custom electromagnetic system with sub-mm precision. In fact, ‘exotendons’ on each finger restrict the movement in response to a virtual surface.

More compact design for enhanced mobility

The original gloves weighed 180 pounds. Now, they’re more compact and feature a reduced overall size to mount the Air Controller onto your back for enhanced mobility. In fact, the company made this redesign since most users will operate the backpack in a room-scale mode.

In addition, the gloves achieve true-contact haptics through its microfluidic technology to make you feel as though you’re actually making contact with the objects you’re seeing. And these gloves feature the industry’s strongest force feedback and incredible motion tracking.

Overall, HaptX spent two years developing the upgraded DK2 Haptic VR Gloves. This includes reducing the size and weight and improving the fit and ergonomics. It isn’t a consumer product, so interested companies will have to contact HaptX for a quote.

Originally published at The gadget flow