Ministry Of Information Technology And Telecommunication Pakistan (Moitt) Formulated Consultation Draft Of National Broadband Policy 2021.

By Zainab Saeed

The Ministry Of Information Technology And Telecommunication Pakistan (Moitt) Has Formulated The Consultation Draft Of National Broadband Policy 2021 which is uploaded on their official website.

MOITT Drafts National Broadband Policy 2021

Based on market behavior analysis and the findings of implementation status of the previous policy the following major impediments comes out clearly;

  1. Decelerated Policy Implementation for market enablement.
  2. Obsolete regulatory regime due to complex and evolving digital ecosystem.
  3. Inefficient resource distribution and utilization.

The aim of National Broadband Policy – 2021 is to distribute the digital dividend through defining attributes, that include;

  1. User centric and technology neutral
  2. Evidence based and forward looking
  3. Objective and target oriented

The new policy is organized to achieve all the factors mentioned above, while keeping the user first and foremost. The user journey is distributed over four main pillars to keep the directives agile. The four pillars include inclusivity & accessibility, usability & market enablement, digital trust and transformation & evolution. For timely implementation of the policy, each guideline is designed with clear objective(s) and target(s).

Through policies and market centric regulations, telecommunication sector gave tangible benefits to the country by providing basic telecommunication services with the help of fixed and wireless mediums all the way to high-speed broadband connectivity. That opened the doors for local and foreign investments in the country.

“With the help of National Broadband Policy – 2021, the Government of Pakistan reassures its continued support for timely progression of the industry, seamless adoption of novel frameworks and technologies, attract new investments in the sector and to present the people with new opportunities through an all-inclusive approach for a Prosperous Digital Pakistan,” according to consultation draft.

This news was originally published at Phone World.