IBM And Fung Group Have Announced Multi-Year Agreement To Support Latter’s Overhaul Of Its IT Infrastructure, Enabled By Hybrid Multicloud.

IBM And The Fung Group Have Announced A Multi-Year Agreement To Support The Latter’s Overhaul Of Its IT Infrastructure, Enabled By Hybrid Multicloud and backed up by IBM Global Technology Services (GTS). The Fung Group operates in more than 40 markets and across the global supply chain for consumer goods, including sourcing, logistics, distribution and retail.

The new agreement builds upon a long-standing relationship with IBM. In 2019, Fung Group began to leverage the company’s IT Service Desk function and most recently, a member of the Group signed an agreement to use Application Management Services (AMS). The company will tap the AMS solution to optimise two sets of existing ERP applications – SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Covering Hong Kong, Europe and the United States, the solution will also implement IBM Watson-enabled cognitive and automation capabilities to improve efficiency and accuracy of application maintenance by acting on behalf of live agents to complete simple or repetitive tasks such as regular data reports, which are copied from one location to another, to free up employees to focus on higher-value work.

“IBM demonstrated a thorough understanding of our strategic transformation plans to digitise our supply chain ecosystem to meet today’s changing market dynamics,” says Patrick Ho, Group Managing Director, Fung Group.”

He adds: “A more flexible and agile infrastructure, powered by a hybrid multicloud network and an enhanced infrastructure services and operations, will enable us to move closer towards realising our vision of transforming the future of retail and supply chains.”

“We are confident that IBM has the technology, experience, vision and skills to modernise and optimise our IT infrastructure to support the Fung Group’s ambitious transformation plans.”

This news was originally published at Retail Tech Innovation Hub.