The President Of The Sales Department Of Digitonics Lab Has Recorded His Statement As A Witness. He Has Confessed The Truth.

By Komal Fatima

As per the details, the president of the sales department of digitonics lab has recorded his statement as a witness. He has confessed the truth. The President confessed that the accused used to steal the data through illegal means by disguising themselves as Americans. He also said that the accused used to get the customers’ ATM code numbers through illegal means. Whereas, it is the responsibility of bans to take the customers’ codes and protect them.

Moreover, the sales President also confessed that some sales agents used to do commit illegal activities to increase sales as they were pressurized by CEO Burhan Mirza and others. However, the witness also confessed that the agents used to debit money from the customers’ bank accounts and they used to return the debited money to the customers who identified the illegal activity.

The witness further confessed that CEO Burhan Mirza was aware of all the illegal activities that were happening in his office. However, the witness also disclosed that cases used to be filed against those employees who left the jobs because of fraud. On the other hand, the court has sent the accused ones to Landhi jail for judicial remand. “This was happening within the limits of which police station?” questioned Court Judge Imran Imam Zaidi.

FIA gets green signal from Islamabad for crackdown againts the call center scam cartel In next 14 days, FIA will shutdown 6 operations. Burhan has testified to sell his customer data to these 6 companies, they were all in this together. FIA has vowed to take down this scam cartel causing bad image of Pakistan.

There are major evidences that These companies were working as cartels as they used to abduct and beat workers willing to switch jobs, some times workers were also locked in the office for more than 48 hours and were not allowed to leave until they all make the scam calls, including female employees. In one incidence, an employee was denied access to water for not meeting his sales target. Request to put the Names of owners and management of all 6 wings of cartel in ECL is also under consideration.

This news was originally published at Bol News.