The construction industry provides hundreds of thousands of jobs to the most vulnerable sectors of society and is a major contributor to the economy.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

During the pandemic, the construction is observed as 2nd least affected industry after the agriculture industry in Pakistan. The local construction material industry generates revenues of more than US$30 billion per annum, which is growing at an exceptional rate of 12%. The construction industry in Pakistan is in fact one of the major employers in the country and comes with a lot of allied industries. has partnered up with the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) to introduce the first real estate course in the country. The course would be named as “Certification in Real Estate Level 1”

While addressing the media about this course, CEO and one of the course teachers, Mr. Shafiq Akbar said, “The real estate sector is an engine of economic growth for Pakistan and yet it has been ignored for decades. By introducing formal education courses in our institutions, we can revolutionize this sector.”


“The second-largest sector of Pakistan’s economy – real estate and construction industry is acting as the growth stimulator of the economy. This course is aimed at extracting maximum potential and reshaping the real estate landscape by enhancing the knowledge and training professionals in attendance accordingly,” said Group Director Mr. Farhan Javed – and one of the course experts, while expressing his delight on achieving this milestone. Other experts teaching the modules include Mr. Omar Abedin, Ms. Iqra Mussadaq and Ms. Saima Latif.

The sessions of the four-week certification course, scheduled to commence from January 29, 2021, comprise of assignments, presentations, group activities, case studies and examinations.