The interior of the rock when split in half looks just like the famous blue muppet Cookie Monster from the famous children’s TV show.

A volcanic Agate rock was found to be more valuable than it seems after finding out what’s inside. The interior of the rock when split in half looks just like the famous blue muppet Cookie Monster from the famous children’s TV show Sesame Street. Because of its uncanny resemblance and almost perfect symmetry. Many are wondering if it’s real or fake.

Most of the time, rock fanatics and collectors are just having fun collecting unusual rocks and minerals. Sometimes, rare finds can be sold at a higher price as compared to the others. However, this rock formation that looks a lot like Cookie Monster is gaining so much attention. As CNET reports, it is reported to fetch $10,000 from potential buyers.

Current Cookie Monster Rock Owner Uploads a Video of His Rock on Facebook

This interesting rock is now in the hands of an American geologist named Make Bowers. Earlier this week, he uploaded in his personal facebook profile a video of the rock with the caption “Cookie monster agate from Brazil.” Since the upload, it has gained so much attention online. However, he was not the first one who discovered and found the rock. The unusual rock was found by Lucas Fassari, an explorer in Brazil in the region of Rio Grande do Sul since last November. The actual cost of the rock when bought from Fassari was not revealed by the current seller. To make things more interesting, Bowers uploaded the video with a background music of Cookie Monster singing about the letter C, an excerpt from the Sesame Street series. Check out the video below.

Cookie Monster Rock ‘Real’ According to Current Owner

It has since sparked numerous reactions online. Many have been wondering whether it’s real of rake  According to an interview with Bowers via Daily Mail, he said that the rock was definitely a rare find for him because of its perfect symmetry. Furthermore, he insists that the rock has been found as it is, and is thus a real blue agate rock with a Cookie Monster formation. Note that the current owner is an American Geologist by profession, and thus knows a lot about rock formations.

“I think this is probably the most perfect Cookie Monster out there. I have seen others, but here you have it complete (both sides).”

Initially, the rock just looks like a dull egg. But little does anyone know that the beauty of great value lies inside when split in half. It has blue quartz crystals that look like a smiling Cookie Monster with perfect symmetry on both sides.

Although it looks very interesting, it’s the value that excited many stone and mineral collectors who have been looking for rare stones for themselves.

Bowers said, “This is very unusual. There are a few famous agates out there: the owl, the scared face… there are many approximate ones but rare to find clear well defined like that,” Bowers said.”

When asked about the prices that people pitched to buy the Agate rock he said, “Prices can be very high. I was proposed over $10,000 by five different buyers.”

As of the moment, there are no news yet as to whether Bowers actually intends to sell the rock or not, and about its current value as of the moment. Furthermore, no authorities have confimed whether the rock is real or fake. If it is, sure enough, its value will increase over time as more and more people take interest in the unusual rock. Who would’ve known Cookie Monster would make so much numbers in a rock?

Originally published at Tech times