COVID-19 Has Created Largest Disruption Of Education In Pakistan

A Community Activist, Mr. Sawan Said: “We Are Blessed Indeed, That We Have A School And A Teacher In Our Village

COVID-19 Has Created Largest Disruption Of Education In Pakistan

The International education day under the theme of “Recover ad Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation” was celebrated at village Garerio UC Kantio, Tehsil Chachro. The AWARE organization with the support of TDH organized the event at the village; where AWARE representatives, local social activists, and community members including men, women, and children participated. Students of Government Boys Primary School Garerio participated with great enthusiasm. The teachers took a keen interest in conducting the event. 

AWARE team member project Coordinator Mr. Murtaza Jokhio while addressing the participant said: “Indeed the communities live below the poverty line. There is an acute shortage of resources. The importance of education cannot be undermined even during such circumstances. He added: “We have to rise up to the challenges we are facing today and must educate our young generation – it is the only solution to address poverty.” A community activist, Mr. Sawan said: “We are blessed indeed, that we have a school and a teacher in our village. Now we have a responsibility that we send our children to the school to attain education.” AWARE team Ms. Nusrat also emphasized the pressing need for literacy and education. She said: “We know about our rights, it is a privilege that we have women participants attending this event. It is a request to keep educating your girls because they are the foundation of our society”.

Women activist Ms. Laali “lauded the initiatives undertaken by the AWARE organization and said: “We have an opportunity in the form of AWARE organization. The project activities of AWARE support us by addressing our most urgent needs. Indeed quality education is one of the most pressing needs of every village.” AWARE team formed a child club to make the school environment appealing to the children. The teachers have been given the training to improve their skills in child-friendly methods of teaching. The school management committee (SMC) members were also provided with capacity building training for quality education. Mr. Parkash youth activists said: “It’s high time to avail this opportunity for our better future!”

The students of the school sang songs and performed the tableaus. The students’ performance gave a message of hope to the participants. The tableaus highlighted the negative aspect of illiteracy. The performances sensitized the participants about the negative impact of uneducated children and consequently uneducated communities. The songs performed by the students called attention to the importance of education. The event came to an end when all the participants formed a rally around the village to forward this message to the entire village. The event was a great success. AWARE in collaboration with the SMC, Child Club, and the communities have been able to promote the message of Equitable Education for All in this pandemic period.