Digital Skills Have Also Been Termed As Essential Key To “Jobs Of Tomorrow” .Extreme Commerce And Digital Trade Emerged As The Top Priority.

The World Economic Forum in its recent publication “the future of jobs” has identified digital skills  as  one  of  the  key  areas  of  growth  in  the  coming  years.  The Digital Skills Have Also Been Termed As The Essential Key To The “Jobs Of Tomorrow” . E-Commerce  And  Digital  Trade  Emerged  As  The  Top  Priority  for technology  adoption  among  companies  in  Pakistan. 

91%  of  the companies have identified itas the most essential skillset required in  the  next  five  years.  Big  data  analytics  and  cloud  computing emerged as the second and third most desired digital skills.  Online  learning  and  training  is  on  the  rise  but  looks  different  for those in employment and those who are unemployed.

The Report highlights that, there has been a four-fold increase in the numbers of   individuals   seeking   out   opportunities   for   learning   online through  their  own  initiative,  a  five-fold  increase  in  employer  provision  of  online  learning  opportunities  to  their workers   and   a   nine-fold   enrolment   increase   for   learners   accessing   online   learning   through   government programmes.  Those  in  employment  are  placing  larger  emphasis  on  personal  development  courses,  which  have seen  88%  growth  among that  population.

Those  who  are  unemployed  have  placed  greater  emphasis  on  learning digital skills such as e-commerce, digital trade, data analysis, computer science and information technology. As  per  the  understanding  signed  between  Mishal Pakistan,  the  country  partner  institute  of  the  World  Economic Forum  and  Extreme  Commerce,  the  quality  of  trainings  will  be  benchmarked,  and  new  opportunities  will  be created for e-commerce and digital trade in Pakistan.

Extreme Commerce is offering more than 50 ecommerce and digital skills  courses  in  Pakistan,  with  emphasis  on  specialized  trainings  on  digital  trade  through  international platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc.   Extreme  Commerce,the  leading  digital and  ecommerce skills  organization  in Pakistan, has played  a  vital  role in training professionals to create entrepreneurial skill sets and generate additional jobs helping them earn sustainable income through freelancing. In the last three (03) years they have introduced more than 500,000individuals to the global ecommerce opportunity through their platforms.

On the signing of this partnership the Founder of Extreme Commerce, Sunny Ali said, “we have a commitment to empower our youth with the tools and knowledge, so they can champion and to create the businesses of tomorrow. This will not only generate livelihood for our youth about also develop an ecosystem for e-commerce and digital trade to thrive in the country.  He further said, “we have set a  benchmark  for  Pakistan  to  train  one  million  people  in  more  than 50digital-skills,  with  a  special  focus  on  e-commerce and digital trade related trainings.