Are you looking for some way to find out someone’s text message history? Or do you want to find out who they’re texting? If you’re wondering how to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone, then read on.

There are several ways to find out about the activities. Messages, history, and basically everything else on someone else’s phone. One of the most popular and used ways is hacking.

Sure, it may sound malicious, but the intent isn’t always negative or harmful. A lot of times, you can find yourself in need of hacking someone’s phone because you’re concerned for them, especially if they’re your kid or spouse. You can click here to know how to hack text messages without touching the device.

It becomes important to check up on them, especially if they are being suspicious or showing concerning behavior- a relationship could hinge on it.

In cases of underaged children, it becomes even more important so. The world is sure a dangerous place, but the online world is sometimes even scarier. And dangerous for unsuspecting children. There have been multiple games and software, and sites designed specifically to lure kids in.

Ways to Hack Someone’s Phone or Text Messages

There are various ways to hack someone’s phone and access all their data, not only their text messages.

One of the easiest ways to get any hacking done without using too much of your own resources is to hire someone else to do it.

But that is not always a feasible option.

Another way to hack someone would be by using hacking and spyware apps. In fact, hacking apps are actually legal, but the condition is that it can only be done on devices that you own, i.e., your children or employees. Hacking an adult without informing them is strictly prohibited.

You can proceed to it if the person you intend to hack knows you are doing it, but otherwise, you should do it with extreme stealth and caution.

Hacking can also be done by getting access to a person’s cloud account. However, this is not very helpful for android because the clouds don’t store text messages, but Apple devices can be easily hacked if you have their iCloud credentials and information.

How To Hack into an iPhone’s Text Messages

To hack into an iPhone and read your spouse’s text messages, you need simple techniques to do these.

You do it by following these steps:

  • Sign in to the iCloud of the target
  • Select to Recover Files from iCloud Backup Files
  • Choose the file that contains text messages
  • Download the file
  • Choose messages
  • Then proceed to scan the messages
  • let the preview finish so that you can read the messages you want
  • Select the option to Recover to Computer and then save it

This works effectively on iPhone but this is not the same method on android to hack into text messages.

How to Hack Android Phone Text Messages

For android, most of the applications require you to install it on the target device. It is easily done- you only need a few seconds with the target phone to install the app, then you can begin your monitoring.

Popular Android Hacking Apps to Hack Text Messages

There are a plethora of hacking apps available on the play store and online. However, all the good apps are paid. Free hacking apps are not worth it because the majority of them are scams and contain only malware that does you more harm than good.

Free hacking apps are never to be trusted, especially if you are downloading it on someone you are close with, they could end up losing sensitive data.

There are, however, free trials available for most of the good hacking apps. You can try them to see if they fit your criteria, then proceed to buy the one you are satisfied with to hack text messages without access to the phone.

Steps you need to follow:

  • Choose the app you want and create an account by signing up.
  • Select the package and pay for it.
  • Then download the app on your phone or computer so that you can monitor the text message using it.
  • You need to then install the app on the target’s device and begin your hacking.
  • Select the Text messages you want to see and proceed with the hacking.

The process is similar for almost all the apps, and you can find the details once you begin by signing up for their services.

Shelling some bucks sometimes can go a long way towards ensuring the peace of your mind. So always use paid hacking apps to hack text messages both on iPhone and Android

Some of the best popular hacking apps are listed below:


Most of these apps require you to install the app or its .apk file on the target’s phone. You need a few seconds with the device of the one you intend to hack to install the app. After that, the app automatically goes into stealth mode, and the other person will no even be aware that it is there unless you tell them.

There are ways to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone, but they aren’t many.

To hack without installing software, one way to do it would be to hack the iCloud of the person you are targeting. Alternatively, you could use the Kali Linux programming language, which can get a bit technical, but if you around a computer, then this is easier.

This programming language is used in penetration testing and digital forensics, but for simpler use, it can get you access to another’s device as well.

You need to simply learn the programming language using online tutorials, which are in abundance.

This method mostly works for people belonging to the IT niche and is not for everyone.

Legal Ways to Hack Someone’s Text Messages

This may sound odd, but the simplest way to legally hack someone would be to just tell them.

Yes, it is that easy. Some people may not agree with it, but if they value your concerns and if you agree to do the same for the other person, say, your spouse, then an understanding can be reached.

In the case of children, you can simply inform them that you will be placing them under supervision.

You could also sync their Google accounts with yours or let them use yours or log in to their Google account additionally on your device. You will be able to view everything saved on their Google account on your device.

Since Google accounts store contacts, backups of photos, videos screenshots, their web and YouTube history, you can easily track that, too. Without using any fancy app at that to hack someone’s text messages from another phone.

And as for employees, you can mention tracking and monitoring before you hire a dark web hacker, which will make it completely legal for you to hack them.

Reasons To Hack Text Messages

Your child can also be a victim of cyberbullying- something that is unfortunately way too common these days, especially on social media. People are harsh and unforgiving and very critical- embolden by their anonymity. And bullying can seriously harm your child’s mental health and even drive them towards self-harm.

Reading text messages is one surefire way to know what your child is dealing with. Kids talk and open up more to their friends than they do to their parents. And the younger generation is very heavily inclined towards texting instead of calling.

So, if any problematic issues or behaviors have been going on, looking into your kid’s text messages can sometimes give you a clue. It also provides you with an opportunity to help them.

That is why it becomes pertinent for parents to sometimes keep a keen eye on their troubled children. This way, they can step in and make things right if the kid gets into any trouble.

But sometimes, the reasons to hack can be entirely impersonal as well. As it is done when companies or employers hack their employees’ data and monitor their online activities, including text messages.


Can Someone Hack My Phone Send Text Messages

Yes, when your phone gets hacked, the user is aware of what you do and can counter your move if he or she receives every message you got. When someone hack text messages for both iPhone and Android, there are different dashboard he can view this text message.

Monitoring employees and contractual workers is a fairly legal way of tracking and hacking someone, provided you inform them and the employees are aware of it. Otherwise, the lack of awareness and consent can quickly tip the scales into illegal territories.

Though through some loopholes, a few of the methods are legal but crossing boundaries too extremely can cost your legal backlash. The State and country you are in and its laws also play a major role. Some countries allow a few white hacking tactics, while others are adamant about banning all kinds.

It is critical that you research well about the laws and the legality of the rule around you before you hack anyone.

But sometimes, you have to resort to these options. It may be your only way of getting some peace or confirming your doubts. And after all, everyone deserves transparency but rarely do we get it.

So, you must be clear in your reason and intention before you can even think of hacking text messages or other data on someone else’s phone.

Summing up

Text messages can reveal a lot about what is going on in someone’s life, especially if someone like your husband or wife is acting strangely and suspiciously. You may want to know what is happening behind their screens or keep an eye on your troubled children.

Hacking is the best way to do that, and with the abundance of apps available, it is quite easy as well. However, it can be a little expensive. But ultimately, your requirements and need to decide whether you proceed with hacking or not.