AI To Manage Digital Assets With Smart Cloud Storage

Allowing You To Build Connections Between Your Current Projects And Assets You Uploaded In The Past.

AI To Manage Digital Assets With Smart Cloud Storage

It’s hard to imagine a world without cloud storage. We use it to store photos, back up photos and share important files with colleagues and loved ones.  And yet, the most popular cloud storage solutions aren’t perfect, but rather, designed for the masses. They’re not tailored for creatives who value multimedia organization, so if you haven’t migrated to a digital asset manager yet, we highly recommend Starchive which is offering a 1TB lifetime plan for just $96.99.

Standout Features of Star-chive

Starchive is a digital asset manager that goes above and beyond your typical cloud storage drive. Unlike services such as Dropbox or OneDrive, Starchive doesn’t limit the types and sizes of files you store. You can upload pro audio and video, RAW photos, docs from Adobe CC programs and even 100+ GB files, all of which you can playback directly from Starchive. Where Starchive truly stands out is its organizational features. A user’s files get sorted into folders. It also features a panel view that lets you upload directly to folders and view details like folder size and file count at a glance.

Files can be batch-tagged and grouped into different collections for easy access. This makes it easy to pinpoint the exact file you’re looking for when you need it.  Starchive’s AI-powered search engine also identifies everyday objects in your photos, album art and video thumbnails, and curates them into auto-collections, allowing you to build connections between your current projects and assets you uploaded in the past.  Creative jobs are often glamorized, but no one shines a spotlight on just how much work goes into asset management. Luckily, Starchive makes that a thing of the past and you can get lifetime access today for just $96.99. No recurring subscription fees necessary.

This news was originally published at Black Enterprise