T3 Tech Marketplace Launches With Over 900 Tech Products

The T3 Sixty Technology Team Spent Months Researching And Compiling The T3 Tech Marketplace. Collectively

T3 Tech Marketplace Launches With Over 900 Tech Products

T3 Sixty, the residential real estate brokerage industry’s leading management consulting and research firm, has launched the T3 Tech Marketplace, a digital catalogue that provides evaluations and reviews of most technology products used by brokers and agents. The marketplace serves as a dynamic version of T3 Sixty’s Tech 500, an annual listing of the real estate industry’s best technology. The marketplace launches with over 900 technology products organized into more than 80 categories. Each product listing includes detailed information about the product, including integration details, screenshots, features and more. Technology usage and products have exploded in the residential real estate industry the past two decades. Brokers, teams, agents, MLSs and Realtor associations face an increasingly complex ecosystem when looking for the right tech tools to help them grow their businesses. With the T3 Tech Marketplace, they can map out their current technology solutions to identify where they might have gaps, strategize about changing technology needs, track budget and contract details, and compare similar technologies.

The T3 Sixty technology team spent months researching and compiling the T3 Tech Marketplace. Collectively, the T3 team has tested or worked with many of the providers and products on the site. “This was long overdue,” says Travis Saxton, T3 Sixty’s senior vice president of technology consulting. “Other industries have software selection directories and tools that just don’t work for the real estate industry. Our industry is unique, and requires a dedicated resource to evaluate the best technology available to it.” “Being able to review and compare hundreds of technology solutions in one place makes this new service an invaluable decision-making tool,” said Stefan Swanepoel, chairman and CEO of T3 Sixty. “Better real estate decisions are made when you use quality research.”

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