Beacon Education, the world’s largest online graduate degrees provider, is excited to announce its newest partnership with Rochester.

Beacon Education, the world’s largest provider of online graduate degrees to China, is excited to announce its newest partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology, beginning with RIT’s Saunders College of Business and the online MS in Business Analytics program.

Beacon’s comprehensive services and technology suite will provide RIT core competencies in all aspects of recruitment, delivery, technology, and student support in China. The team at Saunders, with their expertise in the field, world class pedagogy, and thorough background in creating outstanding online learning experience for students around the world, is well-suited to supporting this incoming wave of working professionals across China’s top companies.

“RIT sees the future of international education in a similar way as Beacon Education: more diversified and more accessible. From our initial engagement with Beacon Education it became apparent that we could either be an early participant in global adult education or a laggard, and we chose the former. We are pleased that the Business Analytics program, in the Saunders College of Business, will be the pioneering offering as we learn and grow,” says Ian Mortimer, RIT’s Vice President of Enrollment Management and Associate Provost for Adult and Online Ed.

Beacon Education CEO Michael Wang notes, “We are excited about the launch of our new partnership with RIT. Recognized globally for its outstanding instruction, we look forward to helping them grow their presence in China starting with the MS in Business Analytics. Most importantly, we are excited about partners committed to developing educational models designed to meet the diverse needs of learners in the 21st century.”

Originally Published at News wire