Rapid Change In Technology Continues To Affect And Transform Consumer Needs While There Is New Development In Technology Sector Every Day.

Micromobility, distance education and working technologies will leave their mark on 2021. The rapid change in technology continues to affect and transform consumer needs. While there is a new development in the technology sector every day, these developments take effect in a short time in daily life. Especially the new lifestyles and habits that emerged with the impact of the pandemic in the previous period are ready to mark the technological developments to be experienced in 2021. Nurettin Erzen, Founding Partner of; He says that they anticipate that distance learning with remote working, broadband 5G infrastructure, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and autonomous, electric vehicles will stand out in the coming period.

Advances in Technologies continue to introduce new products that will make our lives easier, into our daily lives. In the past period, with the effect of the pandemic, there has been a great transformation both in our habits and in our daily life. Technology Trends That Are Thought To Mark 2021 Are Already Being Talked About., which offers thousands of technology products in a wide range from gaming ready systems to professional player equipment, has kept the focus on the technological developments that are expected to mark 2021.

Distance education and working will spread 5G technology

Nurettin Erzen, Founding Partner of; “One of the biggest developments in the past period has been in the field of distance working and distance education. We will see that this model will continue in 2021, and parallel to this, the number and quality of laptops, video conferencing devices and software in this scope increase. The demand for video conferencing devices that provide higher resolution video and audio calls will increase in parallel with these developments. Likewise, distance education will continue to be a part of the education system and we will witness innovations in technologies that depend on it. Another trend that stands out in parallel with the expansion of this training and working model will be the widespread use of broadband 5G infrastructure, and we will encounter the usage advantage of wider bandwidth in all areas of our lives. With 10G technology, which provides approximately 5 times the data transmission rate of fourth generation technology; “By connecting smart systems such as cars and household items, it will be easier to integrate all devices.”

Technological solutions in the health sector will continue to increase

Nurettin Erzen emphasized that the growth in micromobility will continue and that we will hear the names of the companies serving in this field and the companies that produce these products more frequently, “We anticipate an increase in the sales of scooters and similar micromobility products. Topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things and industrial automation have been at the top of the technology agenda for a while. Recently, developments in artificial intelligence continue to gain momentum. It is predicted that robots with artificial intelligence will be fully integrated into business processes in the medium and long term and will facilitate these processes. However, it can be thought that the use of software with artificial intelligence will increase in the near future. We think that the use of both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies will also increase in 2021. Both technologies; It will be used more in the fields of education, health, occupational safety and entertainment ”.

Stating that another important issue in technology can be experienced in the field of autonomous and electric vehicles, Erzen said, “We think that these types of vehicles, whose sales are not at a high level, will be preferred more in 2021. In particular, we will see that autonomous vehicles serve in a wider geography. Regardless of all these developments, we can say that we will witness many technological developments in the field of health in 2021. I would like to state that technological solutions in this field can also leave their mark on 2021 ”.

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