Shanghai Electric Continues Strengthening Position In Middle East

Shanghai Electric Signed Agreement On 5th Phase Of 900mw Engineering, Construction And Procurement (EPC) Contractor In Dubai

Shanghai Electric Continues Strengthening Position In Middle East
By Carla Sertin

Thar Coal Block-1 and Dubai 950MW CSP/PV Project Make Steady Progress as Shanghai Electric Receives AAA Credit Rating for International Projects Shanghai Electric, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of electric power generation equipment, industrial equipment and integration services, has been strengthening its ties in the Middle East in recent years. Through efforts in facilitating projects in new energy industry overseas, the Company shows the world its commitment to international cooperation under the concept of sustainable development.

The joint Pakistani-Chinese project is soon to enter the final stages.

The Thar Coal Block-1 2x660MW Power Plant Project—one of the Company’s largest international projects, has been moving ahead with the successful installation of the steel structure for the second boiler in November. For the nearby Thar Coal Mine, excavation at a daily rate of 330,000 square meters has moved a total volume of 28.75 million square meters of earth, accounting for 70 percent of the planned total. With the construction of the heating surface and excavation of the remaining 30 percent of earth to begin soon, the project is expected to approach the end.

Significant progress has also been made in the United Arab Emirates.

Shanghai Electric is currently involved in the country’s renewable energy transition with the 950MW CSP/PV Hybrid Power Generation Project. The solar power station, comprised of 700MW CSP and 250MW PV, is the fourth phase of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, a project developed by the Dubai Water and Power Authority (DEWA) as part of Dubai’s “clean energy strategy”. The latest information at the end of 2020 shows the construction progress of the 950MW CSP/PV Hybrid Power Generation Project in Dubai hit a new milestone with the successful fitting of a 1,600-ton all-steel roof truss. The establishment of the solar park will make a pivotal contribution to the clean energy development of the UAE, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said in a recent visit to the site of the power plant. Earlier in July, Shanghai Electric signed an agreement on the fifth phase of 900MW Engineering, Construction and Procurement (EPC) contractor in Dubai, aiming at accelerating the pace in developing the solar power industry.

Shanghai Electric Receives AAA Credit Rating for International Projects

To ensure overseas projects to be implemented timely fashion while securing the safety of all on-site personnel, the Company overcame multiple challenges, according to Qian Xiaolei, PR Manager of the Pakistan project. “To ensure that the unit was lifted on time, the project planning department had to overcome many challenges. From preliminary planning and coordination to the deployment of on-site construction resources, we ensured a safe and smooth on-site hoisting procedure. ” Qian said. In view of its comprehensive management of the international projects over the years, Shanghai Electrics has recently been accredited as one of the most reliable partners for international projects by China International Contractors Association (CHINCA), recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

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