Google Has Partnered With Samsung To Add New Features To Talkback Make The New Version Of Its Accessibility Application.

By Mohsin Naeem

Samsung announced its Galaxy S21 series of smartphones in the Samsung unpacked event. The new devices are of paramount importance to the smartphone manufacturer and hence we saw Samsung going for competitive pricing this time around. To learn more about the flagship series head over to the link here.

During the press showcase Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer talked about the new version of Google TalkBack stating that will be arriving on the Galaxy smartphones first and then other devices will follow. TalkBack is an accessibility service that provides spoken feedback to what’s shown or happening on the screen. It has been present on Android since its early days but Google added it to its Accessibility suite App alongside other services that are particularly helpful for users with disabilities.

Google Has Partnered With Samsung To Make The New Version Of Its Accessibility Application. According to XDA Developers, Galaxy S21 series will be the first device to receive the new version. Google followed up the announcement with its own blog post stating how the new version will help those who have trouble seeing the screen. The company says, “TalkBack has been revamped so that people with blindness or trouble seeing their displays can use spoken feedback and gestures to navigate their phone without having to look at the screen.”

Google has updated the service only a handful of times since its addition to the accessibility suite. It is not sure how the revamped application will take things further after the addition of the Braille Keyboard back in October. Early adopters of the Galaxy S21 series would be the first to experience it. We’ll keep you updated once Google and Samsung release more information.

This news was originally published at Appuals.