If you are considering going back to school dormitory life, consider taking the following handy devices. Because of COVID 19 pandemic, back to school will come with a lot of complexities.

The majority of schools have invested in virtual learning, while others are contemplating opening for face-to-face learning. For example, Harvard is planning to invite some students back to school and keep others in virtual classes. This fall might see a couple of students head back to school. If you are one who will head back to school, consider smartening your dormitory with some connected devices; this will make your room convenient and comfortable. If you have a window air conditioner, consider pairing it with a smart plug for automated operations. Having a smart color changing bulb besides your bed is another option that will help display your pride. Alarm clocks are also handy and helpful for you to wake up early in the morning. Enjoy the list by domyhomework123.com.

Smart lights worth buying

These lights assume that your dormitory has Wi-Fi connectivity to support these smart devices. In the worst-case scenario, go devices that use Bluetooth to connect with your phone.

Lifx Mini

It is great to have color-changing bulbs since they are an easy way to add pop personality and fun to the dumb atmosphere. With a smart color-changing bulb, you can even exhibit pride to fellow students, especially on game days.

Sylvania Smart Plus LED

This smart bulb connects to your iPhone directly using Bluetooth. Sylvania smart Plus LED illuminates bright and vivid colors. It supports Apple HomeKit, meaning that you can switch it off and on or even change the Siri command color on either iPad or iPhone.

Sylvania Smart Plus Lightstrip

This device is on budget price and supports iOS users. You can pair it with iOS devices via Bluetooth, and supports Siri voice controls to change its colors on the fly.

LED Bluetooth speaker bulb from GE

This device features an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and remote for dimming it down or up. You can pair it with a smart speaker, computer, or phone for sound quality when listening to a concentration playlist from Spotify or playing a podcast.

WeMo Mini Smart Plug

It adds functionality to your lamp. WeMo Mini Smart Plug automates the morning alarm daily.

Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini has the potential to smarten your entire room. They can even play podcasts or favorite songs on request.

Amazon Basics Microwave

Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Basic Microwave is a great companion, and you can manage it through voice. This smart device is great for warming and preparing light meals.

Lenovo Smart Clock

This device is a customizable and minimalist smart clock that can recommend alarms depending on your calendar. It ships with Google voice assistant.

Amazon Echo Show 5

This device is suitable for Alexa fans. It works best as a bedside alarm clock because of its sunrise feature that uses light to assist fade you awake.

Lenovo Smart Display

If you are a fan of big displays, then this device is your choice. It is suitable for video chats with family and friends since it ships with an inbuilt camera.

Nanoleaf Canvas

This smart gadget is for decorating your walls. It comes with color-changing wall panels that work in synchrony with the room Wi-Fi. You are at liberty to customize the animations and colors.