Four exciting ways to boost your productivity with Huawei EMUI 11

In fact, the new Huawei EMUI 11 includes new human factors-based experience, new privacy, and security features, and improved all-scenario experiences.

Four exciting ways to boost your productivity with Huawei EMUI 11

Living in a century were surrounded by technology, we often wonder if the predominance of these tech gadgets in our daily lives helps to improve our productivity, or on the contrary, are responsible for its decline?

While some people think that banning technology will lead to a better focus and productivity, the truth is the same technology, when used successfully, can help to get things done easier and faster.

Simultaneously, multitasking has also become increasingly common in our society, we often attempt to perform multiple tasks such as texting, browsing social media, streaming videos, reading emails, all at the same time. For that, we are constantly switching devices and apps which can be a real source of stress and frustration.

Huawei’s customer-centric vision places the user at the focal point of its strategy and works continuously to enhance Huawei’s user experience. The latest update of its operating system EMUI 11, is the perfect example how technology serves productivity. In fact, the new EMUI 11 includes new human factors-based experience, new privacy, and security features, and improved all-scenario experiences.

If you are interested to boost your productivity while working, exercising, or completing your daily tasks….here are four exciting ways to do so, all thanks to Huawei’s latest EMUI 11 features.

1.            Multi-screen collaboration

The multiscreen collaboration is a signature feature of Huawei’s recent EMUI generations and must be the most effective in terms of productivity. This innovative technology enables devices to virtualize and share their software capabilities with each other.

For instance, if you are at a business meeting and need to share a picture or show an email from your smartphone, you can easily project it to your tablet.

If you are working on your PC and receiving a video call from your smartphone, you can easily answer your call directly from your PC. If you are working out and wish to stream a video of a workout tutorial from your smartphone to your PC or tablet, you can also do so. The multi-screen collaboration enables better synergy between PCs and tablets and smartphones.

EMUI 11 breaks down the hardware barriers between devices through distributed technology, allowing users to easily work across multiple screens. Bringing together the user’s devices in one place allows tasks to flow naturally across different devices for both a consistently controlled experience and a boosted productivity. 

  1. Smartphone multi-windows

Are you always on your phone, using different applications at the same time? How much time do you spend searching and swapping between apps on your phone? Do you dream of a new way to see all your favorite apps on one screen? Well, with Huawei’s updated EMUI 11 features, multitasking is now easier than ever, you can use the multi-window feature on your Huawei smartphone and multitask with zero hassle!

Multi-Window allows for three apps to be displayed side by side and interact with each other. Text, images, and documents can be transferred as easily as dragging and dropping the content from one app to the other.

Also, there is an ingeniously designed dock to incorporate your favorite apps in a shortcut menu so you can activate a floating window for quick action.

If you are gaming and receive a message, no need for you to disconnect from your favorite game, in fact, never waste time switching app with the multi-window feature. Student can also benefit from this feature, they can use the multiscreen collaboration as it also supports up to three active windows.

For instance, they can use the first window to watch the stream, the second window for a notetaking app, and discuss lecture materials with fellow classmates on the third. This will help to gather their focus on one screen and multitask easily to enhance their productivity in classes.

  • Smart AI gestures

EMUI 11’s Smart Gesture Control builds upon Gesture Control features first introduced on EMUI 10. Through the gesture sensors, users can perform a variety of functions on-screen without having to touch the device, creating a new way to interact with your device.

For instance, if you are running on the treadmill or doing your morning workout, or even enjoying a swim, you can easily answer your incoming call by performing a simple press gesture in the air to answer it.

Now, on EMUI 11, not only can you use gestures to answer calls but you can perform a myriad of AI gestures: Hover your palm over the screen to wake up the display, Gesture up, down, left, and right to navigate with ease, pressing gesture in the air to pause the music, decrease brightness or ringtone volume. All theseinnovative smart AI gestures enable you with more freedom while enjoying your daily activities leads to better productivity.

  • Share the enjoyment while keeping your data private

We have all become more and more accustomed to documenting our lives through photography, but our cameras now save not only the beauty of a cherished moment but the exact location in which it took place.

With EMUI 11, Huawei has introduced a new privacy protection feature for photo sharing, giving you the option to wipe your photos of any location, time, or device details relating to the moment the image was captured. This means that you don’t have to waste your time anymore on deleting any sensitive information while sharing the picture.

The new EMUI 11 offers existing users an interactive and all-scenario experiences supported by distributed technology, as well as Huawei’s latest thoughtful privacy and security features.

All these features have brought ease and efficiency to our daily activities and by consequence reduce stress and improve productivity. EMUI 11’s upgrade is part of Huawei’s AI seamless life strategy and is now integrated within most popular Huawei smartphones for a better user experience.