MOITT initiates process to formulate Digital Pakistan Policy 2021

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MOITT) has initiated the process to formulate Digital Pakistan Policy 2021.

MOITT initiates process to formulate Digital Pakistan Policy 2021

By Tahir Amin

The ministry made the announcement on Twitter, saying that it had issued a draft of its Digital Pakistan Policy 2021, which aims to aid digital transformation across the country, for public consultation.

In particular, the policy outlines the MOITT’s upcoming vision and goals, such as the digitisation of key sectors, the enhancement of e-commerce infrastructure, and the promotion of innovation in the IT sector.

More importantly, the policy sets out the MOITT’s commitments in relation to legislation, including the need to promulgate necessary policy frameworks, laws, and rules to enable the creation of a sustainable IT environment.

Furthermore, the policy provides that the MOITT will, among other things, regulate the protection of personal data and online privacy to improve transparency and security of sensitive and confidential information through appropriate data protection law, as well as develop a framework for cloud-based services and the regulation thereof.

Originally published at Business recorder